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Twitter and Instagram have evolved as great avenues of marketing where both competitors and customers cannot be greeted with a casual treatment. In fact, users who know competitor strengths and weaknesses are anytime in a better position to build a strong marketing plan than people who don’t. Also, learning about their activities, whether they run promotions or gauging how actively they engage with their followers can be of a great value. The art is to know the pulse of marketing and development. Therefore, competitor’s should not be overlooked.

How Source Feature Can Help Track My Competitors?

Source Feature works as a secret agent that gives you all the inside details of your competitors’ profile without ever making it public. So, instead of reviewing their profile as an outsider, you can now keep a regular check on who follows/unfollows your competitors or can also track their mutual/fan following. This information helps you evaluate the network base of your competitors, and once we skim the potential profiles, you know what to do next- just follow them.

To dive deeper and extract the maximum valuable information (of names and numbers) out of the competitor’s profile, you can enable various Filters which remove the unwanted and inactive profiles. We also provide you with a detailed statistical representation of the data that makes reviewing and comparison easy.

For instance, a budding photographer wants to set a strong user base on Twitter so that people look up to his work professionally with awe and admiration. In this case, randomly following people would just add to number and not productivity. So, to sort out things “The Unfollower’s Way”, just feed your competitor’s profile as a Source Account, and we shall fetch the rest of the user information for you. In the above case, following The Mutual Following list of another photographer can be helpful because this group would largely comprise his customers and other genuine profiles.

So with bit of strategy and innovation at work, Source Account can help you advance your twitter reach and set a strong user base.

How is Source Account different than Copy Followers?

The feature of Copy Followers can help build a strong following; however, we realized that it took a lot of users’ time and effort to decide upon the relevant list of followers/following. We needed a feature that was more efficient and organised and thereon, Source feature got shaped.

And yes, the two are really different!

While Copy Followers is a basic and primary feature for following users, Source Feature is an advanced version with streamlined features and various Filters. You can track new Followers and Unfollowers of your competitors which is not possible through Copy Followers feature.

How does Source Feature Operate?

At Statusbrew, Source Feature can be operated with as much ease and efficiency as one's own account. You can initiate the Source Account operation through the following steps:

Here we would take the example of the user ID @fitnessdep0t, a gym owner who closely wants to track the account of his competitor, @GYMmotivational.

Step 1: Add a Source Account
Open your account at Statusbrew using your Twitter ID, click on Add Source to add your competitor’s account as a source account.

Add an account that you don't own but you wish to track. You can track everything that you get for your account. You can see the trend of that account, who follows/unfollows that account and what that account follows and unfollows. Adding a competitor is a great way to track what your competitor is doing on twitter, who he follows and unfollows. Add any account that you wish to track.

Select your user ID through which you would like to view the Source. Here, the user selects @fitnessdep0t.

You can add a source as Twitter Account, a Twitter Search or a Public Twitter List. To add competitor’s user ID as a Source Account, select the following option. Here, @fitnessdep0t adds @GYMmotivational as the source account.

Once the Source Account opens, you first need to set a CRITERIA followed by the application of FILTERS.

Step 2: Setting a Criteria

This helps to streamline the search of followers from your competitor’s list. In this case, @fitnessdep0t is keen to know the followers of @GYMmotivational who doesn't follow him. So, he chooses the criteria Source Followers not Following me from the available list of varied criteria.

Step 3: Application of Filters

This list of Followers can further be refined with the use of Filters. This allows you to remove the unwanted users from the list. You can select as many Filters as possible from the Filter column to the right. Here, user @fitnessdep0t makes use of 3 Filters to suit his requirements.

  1. Excluding the users whom he has previously followed
  2. Users who have profile pictures
  3. Users who are active

Once Filters are applied, we procure the desired list of Followers for you. You can now follow the potential followers of your competitors to your Following list.

How about Graphical representation?

"Without big data analytics, companies are blind and deaf, wandering out onto the Web like deer on a freeway." - Geoffrey Moore, Author of Crossing the Chasm And Inside the Tornado

We, at Statusbrew ensure that you don’t waste your precious time wandering around like that. Therefore, Statistical Data Analysis comes handy with this feature. We give you all the necessary details such language, timezone, avatar, verified profile, etc. in form of a graphics that makes evaluation, review and comparison easy.

So Folks, Source can help you explore the world you always wanted and never could. You can innovate and experiment. So, go ahead and befriend your competitors at Statusbrew. They aren’t troublesome anymore.


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