Instagram Has More Than Just Sharing Pictures To It

As we discussed in my previous blogs about the effective use of social media, today I thought of sharing about how we could make a better use of Instagram. Though it is quiet an interesting app but we leave so much of the application unexplored. I know some of you definitely use it as daily sharing app whereas some might be playing business over it. Many of you would be promoting their hidden talents through this app.

There is no doubt in saying that Instagram adds life to your social sharing. This not only let you share the content but also allows you to capture memories and share them instantly. The app is equipped with fantastic features that transforms your pictorial stuff and enhance your sharing experience. Linking your Instagram account with third party social networks helps your friends to join you on Instagram and you become able to expand your sharing reach. There is a wide world of possibilities if you make good use of your Instagram account. Here I am going to share with you what all I understand about Insta and few use cases that may enhance your using experience. You are free to pick anything you like from the list and be an advanced user of Instagram.

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Share With Public Or Keep It Personal

Having an account on Instagram is securing in the aspect of privacy. It is completely your choice that with whom you want to share your photos and videos on Instagram. You might not want to share your personal or family clicks with people who are unknown. So to secure your privacy, Instagram provides you an access to keep your account private. Making an account private restricts random users to follow you and see your stuff. To make your account private, open your Instagram account and go to the Option menu. There you see the Account List in which at last you get the feature of Private Account. Simply enable or disable that feature as now it’s all your wish to keep your profile private or public. Keeping your profile private, your stuff would be shared only with people who follow you.

Instagram Has More Than Just Sharing Pictures To It

Save Your Real Pics

There are many applications that help us to share digital content like photos, videos, but such applications compresses our stuff like images and videos. Though this is good for users as compressed images consumes less data usage. But we cannot ignore the fact that there are people who are fond of keeping their high quality images. So, for all such users Instagram has an easy way out to save their original images. This feature is available in the Option menu of Instagram. So, to use this feature you just need to open your profile on your Instagram account and click option button. There in the settings list, look at the last feature, Save Original Photos. Just enable that and you are all set to reserve you original pictures.

Instagram Has More Than Just Sharing Pictures To It

Limit Your Data Consumption

I know most of us feel unhappy when we are on low data. We always try to use it wisely to see the accurate things in as much less time as we could. How could we waste a lot of mobile data pack on Instagram, when we know that it consumes a lot of that in a rapid speed. Now to save your mobile data for your most important tasks, go to the Options menu and then click on Mobile Data use. Finally enable the Use less data feature. There you are on your data saving mode on Instagram.

Use The Power Of Hashtags

Like other social networks, Instagram also provides you an access to share a description about the picture or video you are sharing. Try to add hashtags with the main keywords of your description if you really want the world to see that. I must say that using hashtags is very helpful specially for the people who belong to creative streams like photography, cinematography, art, entertainment etc. With the use of hashtags they get an easy path to showcase their talent to an unpredictable number of audience worldwide. Descriptions can be edited and you could even add a hashtag later as well if it skipped from your mind earlier.

Instagram Has More Than Just Sharing Pictures To It

Share Your Checked In

Sharing location where you clicked one of your recent picture has now become very convenient on Instagram. You can now add a location to your picture as well as edit it even after it is shared. So that your friends would not bore you asking the same question again and again, Hey, where did you click this pic? So whenever you share an image on Instagram, select the option of Add Location and then find your location. Once you locate yourself, give a go to your image.

Instagram Has More Than Just Sharing Pictures To It

This is all that I wanted to share and I must tell you that the features I have shared about are the updated ones. The features were already there but were not so advanced and easy to use as now. Now, is the time you would have an interesting bond with your Instagram. Have fun!


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