How to Keep Your Social Media Marketing Going While You’re on Vacation

When social media is part of your business, then it become immensely difficult to decide whether to take off some time from work or not.

But, like any normal human being, you also deserve to take some time off from work to maintain work-life balance. It is normal to have apprehensions about whether unplugging from social media would bring negative consequences to your business.

However, if you think that you are the only one who is getting this weird thought to detox from social media, then you are not alone. In fact in a recent study conducted by eConsultancy proved that a large number of social media users occasionally cut off from this platform to feel relaxed.

  • 65% of Google+ users are inactive each month
  • 64% of Twitter users are inactive each month
  • 32% of Facebook users are not logged in every day

The above statistics prove that it is quite common for people to unplug themselves from the digital world for some time. Moreover, taking time off from the work and going on vacation with your friends & family boost your creativity and is also good for your health.

Having said that, you can't completely ignore your social media duties while away from work because it can ruin the hard work that you put all these years in building audience across all social media platforms.

Thankfully, With the availability of powerful social media automation tools like Statusbrew, Buffer, Hootsuite etc. it is possible to manage your social media accounts while sitting quietly on the beach, sipping a margarita.

Thus, if you are unable to contemplate how to manage social media accounts effectively while on vacation, then go through the following tips.

Inform your audience:

If you are going on vacation, then, simply let your audience know when you are away! If you have a facebook fan page or Twitter profile just post a message that you are going on a vacation. This way your audience will have an idea about why you have reduced posting on social media. To keep them intrigued or hooked you can share a few photographs from your vacation.For example ,you can pin a post similar to this on your Twitter or Facebook page informing people about your vacation.

Image Source: Yolo Japan

Set your out-of-office reply in your email:

Office Reply

While going out of office don't forget to set out-of-office reply in your email as it will inform people your whereabouts.

You can make this creative like Yesware Director of Product Marketing set up before she went on vacation.

Schedule Your Content:


Don't stop posting at all. It would not be good for your business. Although, you can reduce the posting frequency on social media but don't cut off yourself completely from the scene. Especially, if you are a small business or a personal brand that has recently started gaining momentum on these social media sites because the memory of social media audience is short.

With millions of posts being shared on this platform, it is easy for them to hop on some other resources. Therefore, before going on a vacation, you should schedule your content on major social media sites.

I would recommend you to schedule your posts a day prior to your departure because we all know that how crazy it gets preparing to leave for vacation. The perfect solution to this problem is to schedule your content a day before leaving for vacation.

You can discuss with your team to know about the marketing plan and can curate your content according to it. If you are single-handedly managing all social media activities, then start planning your social media posts well in advance.

Don't post controversial or conversational post on Social Media:

Make sure to post only informational, fun and less conversational topics on social media. Don't post something controversial otherwise, it would be enough to spoil your vacations. The best tip would be to post your evergreen content on social media. You can curate your best performing content, video or infographic again on Social media to keep your audience engaged. Moreover, you can share important news and events related to your niche.

Maintain Follower Activity:

Engage Monitor

Check your social media profiles once in a day as it would help you in tracking new followers activities on social media. It is your followers who determine the success of your social media profiles, so try to engage, even if just minimally, while away.

You can use Statusbrew tool once in a day to assess who followed, unfollowed you on various social media platforms. Moreover, your followers or fans want to hear from you, thus, don't ignore their comments or replies completely because it can leave them annoyed.

With Statusbrew engage feature, you can keep track of the conversations where you have been mentioned. You can set a standard reply and inform them of your whereabouts. Knowing about your vacation, your followers won't bother you. And you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

Ask for Help

It would be difficult to keep track of all of your social media activities while away from work. Therefore, you can ask help from one of your team members.

You can ask them to manage your social media activities such as replying to comments, sharing, posting, and replies. Before entrusting someone to handle your social media responsibilities brief them about your daily or weekly posting schedule.

However, if you working in an individual capacity on social media, then you can take the assistance of your friend to manage your social media accounts in your absence.

If you are not sure whether they would manage your social media accounts effectively, then you can use Statusbrew team feature and can assign them moderator role. They can schedule posts on social media and you can scan all the posts and make the required edit before publishing it.

Hire Someone:

If you are going on a long vacation so you can hire someone for virtual assistance from to manage your social media accounts.

Create Standard Replies:

You can draft some standard replies for your followers and save it on your notes app on your phone or on Evernote, you will have these replies available so you don’t spend so long crafting individual responses. So, for things that you get asked often if you have it all typed-up and saved in your app, you won’t have to manually type a specific response for every person. You can obviously customize them, but this could end up saving you quite a bit of time.

Don't Share a lot of photos from your current vacation on Social Media:

It is good to share one or two photo's from your vacation on social media. However, nobody would be interested in knowing what you are up to on every step of your vacation. And, it can invite a lot of unwanted comments or even flak from social media. Therefore, you should keep it minimal don't go overboard with it. You should also understand that it is not your personal page, but a business page.

So, that's all from me. In case, if you have any question or suggestions other than the above-mentioned to manage social media marketing while away on vacation, then let us know in the comment section.
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