How To Grow Your Business Big On Social Media?

Establishing your business on Social Media doesn’t have to be a super difficult task. It's all about learning and executing new ideas, connecting and reaching the new audience and helping your audience in new ways.

Growing your business on Social Media does not only include this. In order to grow your business, you have to prepare your mind to stay patient, strategic and self-disciplined.

But why do you have to make your small business go big on Social Media?

Social Media is an inexpensive place to expand your brand awareness. Unlike traditional marketing and advertising are — where brands and businesses have to invest a huge amount of money.

Creating an audience base, gaining business leads, sharing ideas and knowledge, bringing up your product and brand as a solution to the problems faced by people and much more can be done on Social Media with great ease.

But, as a business, everything that you do on Social Media has to be planned. Doing random activities will not give you the pleasant results. Instead, having a clear strategy and approach to Social Media will definitely make people talk about you.

For example, since Social Media is used by almost everyone, it has gone more handy and portable. According to, nearly 80 percent of Social Media time is spent on mobile phones. So you need to make sure that every kind of content that you create and share, should be mobile optimized.

Well, I will start with some general information that can get you an overview of how this article can help you. Let’s go through a list of activities you need to implement so that you can grow your business on Social Media.

Tips To Grow Your Business Big On Social Media:

  1. Understand why must grow your business on Social Media.
  2. Identify your Buyer Persona and Target Audience.
  3. Staying active on Social Media.
  4. Using the right tools to grow your business on Social Media.
  5. Monitoring and measuring the metrics.

1. Understand the purpose of growing your business on Social Media

how to grow business

Jumpstarting on Social Media can be a bit confusing, there are many ways to get started. If you know the right purpose then obviously the things are going to settle down for you — away from complications.

Social Media can help your small business in:

  • Building your brand reputation.
  • Creating your audience base.
  • Connecting with right professionals.
  • Altering your marketing approach.
  • Sharing your best content.
  • Implementing new Social Media strategy.
  • Reaching out to a large number of people in less time.
  • Driving traffic to your website or blog.

And the list goes on…

You need to select goals and expectations for your business and then develop a Social Media Strategy. Social Media can immensely help your product and brand to attain a stable respect among the other businesses.

Your competitors have already started developing their Social Media strategy and the risk starts here, if your business is not adopting the latest trend then it cannot reach the latest minds.

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2. Identify your Personas and Audience

How to grow your Business on Social-Media

When it comes to running a business, it is important to know your ideal customer. What would be the result if I try to sell basketballs to baseball lovers? Not very productive. It doesn't sound fair and smart.

It's true that not everyone on Social Media will need your product or service but in order to understand people having problems that can be solved by your product, you need to identify your audience and buyer persona.

Tips to identify your Buyer Personas on Social Media

  • Analyze their problems.
  • Identify their priorities.
  • Understand their objections.
  • Discover their information channels
  • Figure out their buying process
  • Pitch your product as a solution

At Statusbrew, we highly align our goals to help people who need us. This article is a solution for those who want to grow their small business on Social Media.

Check our last blog post: 6 business problems faced by small business owners. Which one is yours?

3. Staying active on Social Media

stay active
Your audience needs constant help throughout their days, nights and even during Christmas holidays. So are you available to take their concern and ask what they need?

If you don’t do it then others would come and use this opportunity to grow their business.

Why do people go to influencers like Sam Hurley, Neil Patel, Joe Pulizzi or Mari Smith? Because their social strategies allow them to stay super active on Social Media. They are easily approachable.

People have smart memory system — they go to the brand or business that ask for their problems and solve them to their best.

Social Care is one way to get into a conversation with your audience. To do this, you have to be online on Social networks — your audience is everywhere on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Reddit and so on.

Social Media is an amazing place to have a live conversation with your audience and customers which also gives you the freedom to serve your customers efficiently.

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4. Using the Right Social Media Management tools to grow your Business

audience management tools

In order to enhance your Social Media strategy and your online presence, you have to use right Social Media management tool. Which becomes mandatory for many reasons.

If you ask WHY then the answer is super clear. To automate your actions like publishing posts, sharing content, managing and engaging with your audience and finding right people on Social Media.

Make sense?

If you do all these activities manually, it’s going to take much of your day and night limiting you from concentrating on other important things.

Many small business owners and entrepreneurs are in love with everything that Statusbrew offers them -- from scheduling and analyzing multiple posts, managing and engaging with the potential audience, finding influencers and generating business-leads to the super efficient customer success team.

Our team at Statusbrew has been focusing to serve Statusbrew as a solution to multiple problems faced by Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Travelers and to many others since its inception and we honestly update our platform every week with new features. Lately, we decided to serve it to many -- not only as a Social Media Management tool but as an Influencer marketing platform.

We have written a fresh article on the same, How to find influencers using Statusbrew for your business?

5. Measuring Metrics will help you grow your Business


Metrics come in as a major component that either makes you happy or aware of your past Social Media strategy and activity.

It’s not just numbers but the attention you gained from your target niche.

It’s just not about the numbers again, it’s about how people engage with you on Social Media.

Questions to ask while monitoring and measuring your metrics:

  • Do people respond to your content?
  • Do people share your content?
  • Do people criticise your content?
  • What types of post gained more attention?
  • How effective were your CTAs?
  • Did you generate your expected revenue?
  • How to maximize these?

Metrics might not make you happy in the beginning. By sharing and experimenting with your content will generate positive results that will help you grow your business.

It will give you a clear idea before you step into your next Social Media strategy or campaign.

In order to save a lot of your precious time, use Statusbrew publish feature to schedule, publish and analyze your Social Media posts on various social networks.

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Eager to know from you

Life of an entrepreneur is full of thrills and learnings. It takes real courage to start and smartness to grow your business.

Write down your opinion and share your experience with us about this article in the comment section below.

We are eager to know from you about your Social Media strategy and ready to help you in every way possible.

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