A Step-By-Step Guide To Get More Leads On Twitter

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You tweet the best of your content every day. You retweet other people’s content. You act human; you do whatever it takes to get more leads and grow your followers on Twitter. But, regardless of all this, there are times when you can't see positive results from your Twitter marketing efforts.

We understand it.

It tends to be difficult to justify your time on Twitter when you don't see any significant results.

But then you hear success stories of people and businesses who’ve been able to leverage Twitter to get quality leads into their funnel, and you decide to try again.

It’s time to figure this out once and for all. It's an excellent opportunity to get off that exciting ride of vulnerability and finally unlock the key to Targeted Growth & Lead Generation for Twitter.

I'll get directly to the point and make this post straightforward - Let me tell you how Statusbrew raises the bar on Twitter marketing features for businesses and agencies. Here are the noteworthy strides to take to be a more active Twitter marketer.

Update: In the following webinar we have you covered everything that is required to grow your target audience and get more leads on Twitter.

How to grow audience and get more leads on Twitter?

Before you bounce into generating leads on Twitter, you need to have a well-defined growth strategy or a strategy to get more leads on Twitter that has been demonstrated to work.

Luckily, at Statusbrew we've been utilizing Twitter for various years now, and have tried what works and what doesn't.

Follow the following five simple steps:

  1. Find and follow relevant people on Twitter
  2. Manage your follower to the following ratio
  3. Don't just stop! Grow Twitter followers or audience
  4. Engage directly with your Twitter audience
  5. Connect outside of Twitter

1. Find and follow relevant people on Twitter

Create an effective Twitter profile, post content consistently and engage

This is what everyone says when you ask how to grow twitter followers. I guarantee you, if that’s all you’re practicing, you are doing it wrong.

People won’t come and follow you straightaway unless you invite them.

Creating a Twitter account and Tweeting content only brings business value if the Twitter account already has a good number of targeted followers.

Thus, the first step to having a targeted following is finding and following relevant people on Twitter.

Unfortunately, doing that within Twitter can be quite time-consuming! The good news is that Statusbrew can let you speed up the process by helping you Discover, Segment And Connect With Leads on Twitter who matter to your Business efficiently.

So here's how to find leads on Twitter using Statusbrew!

Statusbrew allows you to find and follow new users via different methods. Few of them are as follows:

  • Utilize 'Discover Twitter Users' functionality to seek a relevant Twitter audience, and further get more leads on Twitter. You can search them by tracking the keywords they use in their bio. The keywords in a user's Twitter bio firmly speak to their interests and what they may search for on Twitter. Twitter bio can be a great lead generation tool. Learn more about exploring users on Twitter by tracking them with the keywords they use in their bio.

    For instance, if you are a social media marketing agency you would be keen on discovering users who use keywords like SEO or inbound marketing in their Twitter handle / profile and belong to a particular geography.

    Grow Twitter Followers and Generate Leads - Discover Twitter User

  • 'Tweet Search' enables you to bind users who often talk about a specific topic. Tweets are an approach to find what these individuals are interested in, their brand affinities and the thoughts they share.

    Grow Twitter Followers and Generate Leads - Tweet Search

    So now with the above-listed methods, you could find your potential customers on Twitter. What is it that you have to do next?

It's simple! You connect with these potential sales lead by taking the initiative to follow them. But remember not to overdo following!

You are unable to follow more people at this time!

This is the message that pops up when people commit a mistake of following too many Twitter users in a single day! Now that you've discovered such a considerable number of people who are likely to be interested in your product/service, that doesn't mean you follow all of them at once.

According to Twitter's policy, accounts are prohibited from aggressively following other accounts. I would suggest trying to follow around 30-50 users a day. Of course, you can increase that number to focus on getting more followers.

2. Manage your following to followers ratio on Twitter

Once you've found and followed people relevant to your business, you’ll then want to unfollow anyone who is not currently following you back.

It's not essential that a person whom you follow follows you back! Consequently, you might want to disconnect with such users. Statusbrew offers you two ways by which you can track such users and then unfollow them:

  • The first way to find such users is by using the 'Not Following Back' option.

    Grow Twitter Followers and Generate Leads - Not following back

  • The second way to track people not following you back is by using 'Cleanup Suggestions'. With time, we've discovered that the ideal time to Unfollow users who did not follow you back on Twitter is 7 days! Under Cleanup Suggestion, we give you a reverse sorted list of the people who're Not Following You Back from the oldest day you followed up till last 7 days.


Apart from the users who don't follow you back, there can still be the users with whom you don't want to continue the connection. They are the ones whom you consider to be useless for your type of business.

For example, there are accounts that are inactive, fake and spam and are of no use to your business.

In such cases the most ideal approach to weed out undesirable clients from your Twitter Followers is by utilizing 'Filters'. A Filter is a set of restrictions applied to your Twitter Audience with which you can stow away undesirable clients and view just the most applicable profiles who conform to the conditions characterized by you. By using multiple filters simultaneously, you can further narrow down to the most relevant profiles.

3. Don't just stop! Grow twitter followers or audience

You don't have to stop here. There is a long way to go! Again saying, posting consistently, several times a day, is not going to enable you to build a targeted audience or help you grow Twitter followers.

This mindset doesn’t apply with twitter!

This is why it’s essential for you to try growing your Twitter audience actively. To see real growth in the shortest time span you have to work smartly.

But what's that smart way?

Well, when I started with Targeted Growth & Lead Generation for Twitter, every time I tried to grow our twitter followers, it felt as if I've already connected with all the profiles relevant to our business and there are no more people left on Twitter with whom we could connect.

At some moment, this thought could make you feel miserable! However, the good news is that there is a way out.

A common way to grow Twitter followers or audience is by searching for supporters of your rivals. Befriend your competition! Competitors could end up being an extraordinary asset provided you know who your opponents are.

You can spare yourself the time and inconvenience by utilizing Statusbrew's 'Source Feature'. This feature enables you to add Keywords & Twitter profiles of your competitors and monitor their audience in comparison to yours. Click here to read in detail about the Source feature.

Grow Twitter Followers and Generate Leads - Source

4. Engage directly with your Twitter audience

Building a community was just the beginning. With the end goal to retain this community, to gain more followers and to accelerate the process of lead generation (get more leads on Twitter), you have to engage with your audience.

Keep in mind, without engagement, we have no lead generation!

The ideal way we've found to produce or get more leads on Twitter is by indulging into direct discussions or conversations with your target audience, and by sending them a Twitter direct message.

However, social media engagement can drain a great deal of time out of your day and particularly as an entrepreneur; you can't stand to forfeit whenever. So how do you save time during social media engagement? How do you automate social media interactions to save time?

Well, Statusbrew have a solution to this too. It helps you save time during social media engagement in two ways:

  • Save time by setting automation rules using 'Rule Builder'

    Starting off the primary conversation with your new Twitter followers enables you to form a better connection and create a lasting first impression. But to keep track of all the new followers and conversation with them manually seems to be like an impossible task. This is where Rule builder can help you.

    Statusbrew's Rule Builder helps you initiate the conversation with all those who step into your social world. As the name suggests, all you need to do is set rules for automation and then allow us to do all the work.

    For instance, suppose you're a new business. Any individual who follows you would be interested in knowing your development and improvements stories. It’s important to stay in touch with them as they could be your first potential customers. It's imperative to keep in contact with them as they could be your first potential clients. In this manner, you can tag/group them all with the goal that you know where to discover them rapidly.

    Rule Event: Follows you.
    Rule Condition: Profile image, Not a zombie, etc.
    Rule Action: Add Tag.

    Not only this, but you can also set rules for the following events:

    • When someone Mentions you in their Tweet.
    • When someone Adds you to a Twitter List.
    • When someone Retweets your post.

    The entire thought of automation using Rule Builder is to make your first conversation sound benevolent and receptive as opposed to merely mechanical. By smartly using this feature you could spare a considerable measure of your time with an immense scope of business development.

  • Save time with Statusbrew's engage feature

    How do you know if your current customers or prospects are talking about you on social media?

    If they tagged or mentioned you in their posts or sent you a direct message, you could check your notifications. If they didn’t, i.e. if they did not use '@' to mention you, you could search on each social media platform or social networks every time you want to find out.

    Sounds tedious? Well, it is tedious to be done manually. Here’s a better way, use Statusbrew's 'Engage' feature. It can help you two ways to locate the brand relevant conversations and further making it easy to engage users for lead generation:

  1. Inbox- Statusbrew's social inbox help you monitor and revert to the conversations around your brand in real time. It brings all the incoming brand messages, tweets and mentions into one place and saves you time from juggling between the tabs!

    The best part is Statusbrew integrates 'Slack'! With this integration, you can bring in your teams to collaborate in brand monitoring right from their workspace. This integration pushes all the brand DMs, Comments and Mentions right into Slack channels and makes it easier for teams to revert in real time.

    Grow Twitter Followers and Generate Leads - Slack Integration

  2. Listening - With the listening feature you can give a momentary glance at the untagged mentions and discover who all are talking about your brand on social media! For instance, this is an untagged mention of Domino's Pizza:

Grow Twitter Followers and Generate Leads - Untagged Mention

Listening feature allows you to collaborate with your team, get live updates of all the industry related conversations to reply to them instantly.

5. Connect outside of Twitter

Now you've generated enough Twitter leads who are following you back.

But what happens when you want to do real business? What do you do to make the interactions more personal?

Maybe you'd want to move the conversation off Twitter! Perhaps you'd want to connect with them on LinkedIn, Facebook or even over the email!

Statusbrew even makes it possible! We have come up with one of the new integration that allows you to find the additional information regarding your followers, i.e. their Linkedin, Facebook handles, etc.

Grow Twitter Followers and Generate Leads - Discover Twitter User - contact information

Do not SPAM the inbox of your target audience or your leads on Twitter, instead be focused and try to provide help and value if you want to convert them. Communicating transparently, honestly, and consistently with your audience will leave an impact on them depicting that you are interested in nurturing the bond.

Final thoughts on growing followers and getting more leads on twitter!

These strategies are authentic, significant methods to grow your audience and to get more leads on Twitter and are centered around building connections.

Note that business relationships happen through a lot of different channels like email, phone calls, etc. And Twitter is one of those channels that helps you form many fantastic relationships both business and personal.

By the day's end, the most critical thing is to recollect that you're building connections. Utilizing Statusbrew with Twitter empowers you to develop and grow connections to more than justify the time and efforts spent.

If you want to engage people better, get more followers, and get more leads on Twitter, then try Statusbrew out for free and discover how to get Twitter followers faster and easier than you ever have before.

Want to use Statusbrew for your team? Schedule a demo with us now! 📞


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