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Today it is mandatory for every business to find influencers who are well-established in their definite niche. They can carry your values and product to your audience. All done through Influencer Marketing.

Influencer Marketing produces 11 times the ROI of traditional forms of digital marketing, according to this study.

No business can bear to turn down an 11-TIMES more prominent ROI on advertising, right?

Your audience is hanging out on social channels looking for better services and products. Influencer marketing will play a major role in gaining their attention. The hard part is getting in touch with these influencers. You need to put your efforts in the right direction. Here is how Statusbrew can help you.

At Statusbrew, we understand the importance of connecting and engaging with influential people on Social Media. We constantly shape our product in order to provide you the value you are looking for.

What Is Statusbrew?

Statusbrew is a unified and complete social media management platform. It helps you Schedule and Analyze your post, Manage and Engage with your audience and influencers and eventually produces results for your business.

In this brief article, I am going to take you through a list of solution that Statusbrew offers you to build bonds with meaningful people for your business development.

You are just a Log in away from finding the right Influencers.

DISCOVER TWITTER USERS to find Influencers

discover twitter users

A Twitter profile's bio is the only place that can give you a precise idea of what it stands for and the value it provides.

The Discover Twitter Users solution is super efficient as it gives you the freedom to check for a specific keyword or location (and both) from the Bio of Twitter profiles. Ultimately, you end up having the most relevant and meaningful profiles you need.

A short video to show you how to use this feature:

It might be the case that not all the profiles that appear on your screen can meet your expectations but the list of filters shown in the screenshot below will upgrade your proficiency.


You can apply filters to find only the right profiles that fit perfectly into the definition of an influencer for your domain. These will be the people that share the same values as you and your brand. They can give a more authentic outreach to you your business.

You will be able to categorize them with Tags and then monitor their activities. We allow you to interact with them in the most authentic way so that you can connect with them and make them evangelists for your brand.

It’s never been easier than this.

Finding influencers having a definite keyword in their Twitter Bio or based in a particular geographical location will give you a clear canvas to jot down your marketing strategy.

display columns

You can also view various information in Display columns as shown in the screenshot above, which will provide you a deep understanding of the Twitter profile and help you associate only with the most relevant ones that work for your business.

Twitter Sources


Source is a brand monitoring solution that we provide, which is adored by all our customers. You have the ability to monitor Twitter Profiles and Keywords/Hashtags as sources and eventually, connect with prospects that are interested in the value and service that you are providing.

Twitter sources are of two types.

Twitter profile as a source:

You can add Twitter profiles that you want to monitor. You are enabled to compare your Source's audience with yours and find the right leads for your business. You must not miss to add the profiles of Influencers, your competitors or businesses and enhance your marketing strategy accordingly.

This provides you the perfect business opportunity for discovering business leads that are already interested in your type of business. All you have to do is to just pitch them and convert them to your customers.

The Filters will smoothly escort you to different segments and you can target them differently based on their other interests and activity in context to your business.

Keyword or Hashtag as a source:

Your Influencers and audience are talking about something you care about, if you go and catch them at the right time then you will definitely enhance your presence among those profiles on Twitter.

You just have to add a keyword/Hashtag to your Statusbrew account.



Conversions will show how many profiles that you followed from your sources, followed you back. With this information, you will be able to track and maintain an ideal following-to-followers ratio. You can reflect on your follow strategy and the people that you are targeting.

Seeing which Souce performs better, you will be able to focus your outreach efforts more efficiently and convert more leads to customers and evangelists.

The Influencers you are looking for--are already looking for you.

Having a complete control on your search process is a must. You have complete liberty to target different personas from different segments in a variety of ways and see which one give you the most returns.

To sum it up, Influencer Marketing begins with finding and connecting to Influencers that fall under your expectations. You need to get it right, without spending much time on it and seeing the right results.

I would love to learn about how you find Influencers to promote your business.

Give your marketing a boost with Statusbrew. Just signup and experience yourself.


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