Why is Content Not Just Text?

Gone are the days when the catchy headlines were enough for a writer to engage a reader for a plain text journal. In today’s era of eye-pleasing visuals and graphics, the text has turned out to be a mere custom of necessity. How so ever smart a content might be, focussing only upon the text is going to disinterest your prospects and readers for the reason of being flat or dull.

Whenever a content is generated, there are two cases. One, the reader reads and forgets, and the other, the reader reads and reacts! If you are getting enough of the reactions on your generated content, it is a clear sign that you are striking the right chords with your audience. Now, understanding that we can’t forcefully make someone read or know about your brand or business, it is essential to take the Content Beyond Text!

The content we generate for business personas is typically confined within the domains of the online marketing. Perhaps, that is how it should be but while we generate the content for our clientele, or even for the general readers, it gets essential to strategize with the ever-evolving online marketing tactics.

So, keeping the textual debate aside, the idea that a content conveys to an audience plays a major role in getting accepted amongst the prospects. Now, how to move above the redundancy on text to enhance your responsive audience, we’ll be discussing a few aspects.

Content Strategy

The content works in sync with the context and users. Hence, the Content strategy consists of two major components

  • People
  • Content
    Content Strategy: People and content


People can be segmented with respect to the

  • Workflow: The workflow, having a close proximity with the governance, is essential to create, maintain, edit and archive the content.
  • Governance: The Governance is how we implement our content strategy ensuring that it reaches to the right people at the right time.


The Content will be derived out of the

  • Substance: The Substance of a Content can be something like the audios, Text, videos and such; tailing in parallel with the message behind it.

  • Structure: Whereas, the Structure is defined by the backend research, the Metadata approach, tagging, SEO and semantic searches.
    The Content strategy, in the broader sense, is the roadmap of a content to enhance the reach of a product or a service amongst the audience so that they understand it better.

Initiating from the content ideas, with the grinding efforts on research, moving forth to content creation and spreading it out amongst the users; a content strategy involves vigorous methods and efforts to essentialize the content that a brand releases for its users.

Knowing that different prospects can have different content demands and needs, a content strategy should be potent enough to match up with the set of user personas a community plans to target upon.

Giving some rest to the Text!

Yes, please!

We need to give our regular text posts a break. Enough of text updates, blogs, personal messages and everything deriving merely out of the alphabets, it’s high time to understand that images, GIFs colors, animations and videos are equally important!

How to get maximum reach to your content

Take notes, that the way we platter our content affects our Conversions directly!

Increased search traffic, higher email signups, acquiring more client by generating more leads are some of the by-products if the Conversion Rate Optimization is taken care of properly. Let the Content Delivery Networks, too, play their role in this.

Give every user community a chance to hear, see, read and understand you because eventually, content is created for masses. Like we use Search Engine Optimization tools for our texts to be more accessible, we’ll have to consider the Conversion Rate Optimizations as well!

Hence, the design appeal and the content platter can be one obvious reason that could elevate your Average time blog visits and help a community to decline its Bounce rates. To convey something in a more interactive manner, we can create podcasts, start live sessions and generate such exclusive audio-visual content to convey the thought. Such content can prove out to be a long-term asset and is more engaging as well.

Rest, the content is supposed to be handy for the users, if we are looking for the sales-leads and if we can sprout food for thought for our prospects when they come up to look for our content, our content generation will fruit results directly affecting the revenues in a positive trend!

As an example, here is a detailed view on how Businesses can make use of Instagram Stories to enhance their Business, click here!

Multi-Channel Publishing and Omni-Channel Reach

It is not much difficult to generate content, what matters is the reach!

More than the content itself, its reach makes a content successful. A brand or a business is supposed to have diversified options to reach its prospects. Reach of a brand on social media can exponentially trigger the brand presence and the reputation amongst its audience.

Publishing real-time updates about the recent events, the accomplishments or user reviews of your brand, and not just blog links, over your social media channels will let your audience interact with your brand as an entity amongst them only. With this, you’ll even get to know your prospects better, learning with how they react to what you cater, what they want and what they deny and such for a closer picture of your audience behavior.

There are various Content Management Systems (CMS) that help you build your content better for the audiences you target. Tools like Drupal, Contentful, Wrike, Canva, Pablo, Polarr and alike can prove out to be the lamp in the marketing dungeon for you, not only you’ll be seen and noticed by your audiences for the content you generate but it will catalyze the process of your Audience engagement throughout your social media channel.

But, what, when, where and how much to publish is something that is not as easy to derive and work upon, prospects around the different media will convey a trend, essentially, that we need to maintain an eye upon while cracking a marketing strategy.

Content in the right Context for the right People

With Multi-Channel publishing, the backend is able to derive a lot of data based on the Insights of the reach and reaction of the prospects; which can later be taken ahead towards counter thinking about how to enhance your clientele. All your efforts on this multi-channel publishing will fruit in the favor of your Branding.

The way people invest money to advertise and promote themselves, likewise you just have to spend some time on this. Steadily, on strategizing and moving forth, bit by bit, once the Audience has started building and is coming out to be quite responsive to your content, it won’t be difficult to maintain your omnichannel reach, throughout the social media!

The Multi-Channel Publishing and Omni-Channel reach run proportional to other. Once you have started riding your stallion on one media, your audience will look for you around the others as well. You can easily crack your growth hacking strategies with your reach and insights data, and if you cracked well, it would be a cakewalk for you to diversify your channel for the content you create.

Know more about Growth Hacking from here.

Content scope beyond digital media

Apart from the huge amount of money, we spend on advertisements and promotions, a lot of time is compromised creating content for those as well. The post stays around the news feeds for some days or, maybe if you are lucky, even weeks but eventually, it dies a slow death and does not trend anymore. Then, again such ad-posts are generated around social media, knowing the fact that it will disappear in a few days but it might or might not able to have made a mark on people.

Keeping this in mind, It won’t be a bad idea to move beyond the digital platform to create content. Amazingly, the Content can be distributed beyond the scope of the Digital media as well!

Intelligently manufactured goodies, vouchers and gifts in the sync of your branding, can be customized exclusively, to make an impact on your prospects. Imprint and distribute such gifts and goodies with the witty texts, images, colors, graphics and your logo. Such content ideas would give your marketing strategy a huge boost and will contribute significantly to your branding campaigns.

Case Study:

Let us have a look at a case study on this.

@StatusbrewHQ recently conducted a meetup and a talk session, SBCON’17, for the young minds who aspire to work in the technological domains. A lot of goodies like stickers, mugs and alike were given away to the participants, acknowledging their participation.

The graph below is one example of how giving away such goodies helped in increasing the reach amongst the targeted Audience there. So, there are two cases below:

Study on content strategy

In the one picture, @StatusbrewHQ shared a click, on the morning of 15th June, of the goodies that were going to be distributed amongst the participants. The second picture of the Goodie, above, was shared by a participant, @HarkiratSingh, later in the evening of the same day. Both had almost the equivalent reach thereby, taking the cumulative reach to almost double.

So, referring to the graph below, the reach that started with mere a single post was almost the 6.5 times with just about four such posts within 48 hours!

Graphical study on the content strategy

And, this reach obviously increases as the number of such posts increase.

So, anywhere your community reaches out, may it be conferences, fests, talk shows or any other public event where you can put yourself ahead and stay around in the conscience of your prospects, never leave a chance to distribute your goodies!

The person receiving your goodies will share the joy of receiving your branded goodies with his/her friends and perhaps on social media as well. Your Brand will already be reaching out to more people. This will even help you analyze and derive the importance of brand discovery. People will be looking out for you and eventually will start recognizing the existence of your brand. Even if they forget where did they get that goody from, they’ll never forget the brand they received it from and the cherry over the ice cream will be the enhanced branding!

So, serving the same monotonous text reads will never let a brand pave its way for the users and is nothing more than a redundancy because the content works in sync with the context and users.

A reader not just only has to be provided with the all that he wants to read but with all that he wants to see as well. Else, anybody will easily lose interest within mere a few seconds of whatever they have been reading!

Intelligent text with catchy colors, conveying pictures, strong content and some audio-visual appeal mixed together can churn out to become a recipe for a perfect content, today, not forgetting the relevant content strategy!

You can easily create eye-catching posts with Statusbrew. Why not give it a try!


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