How to Bring in More Visitors to Your Blog through Instagram

Who does not want reliable and qualified search traffic these days? But to increase the number of visitors to your blog, would it be advisable for you to utilize a social media platform like Instagram?

Well, thinking about Instagram's prevalence and reach, the appropriate response is more likely to be a 'YES'.

With 800 million month to month dynamic clients, Instagram has become one of the most popular social media networks to promote your blog posts without spending a single dime.

However, with constant changes in the Instagram algorithm, it becomes difficult to keep track of what works best for Instagram.

In case you're still uncertain whether you ought to promote your blog or website on Instagram or not, let me offer you one more noteworthy measurement.

60% of Instagram clients say they have learned in regards to an item or business through Instagram.

Keeping these statistics in mind, this is the time you should start utilizing Instagram! Let’s find out how you can leverage the potential of Instagram for your blog or website’s promotion.

But, before disseminating your blog content on Instagram, ensure that your blog is Instagram ready.

Tool up your blog for Instagram

Beyond creating posts to attract readers and to get social shares, utilize your blog platform to encourage and support Instagram sharing.

  • Request your visitors to follow you on Instagram in your blog's footer. Use your blog to inspire readers to engage with you on Instagram and other social media.


  • Incorporate Instagram sharing button at the top and bottom of every blog post. Provide readers with a visual insight to share your content with their followers and communities.


  • Make your blog mobile friendly. It may be hard to believe, but if your blog is not mobile friendly, it may be the main reason why you’re losing blog traffic. Remember, Instagram is the fastest-growing social site globally, and mobile devices rule over PCs for access. Therefore, it becomes essential for you to make your blog mobile friendly.

    Now, you can implement AMP pages on your blogs for better mobile experience. AMP pages load 10 times faster and use 10 times less data, creating a better user experience.

How to promote your blog on Instagram

Sharing blog posts on your Business's Instagram page can help draw in new readers for your blog and offer more value for your existing followers. If you can’t think of ways on how to promote your blog beyond sharing links, here are a couple of more ideas.

Let's dive in!

How to promote your blog through Instagram

1. Tell your users about yourself through your profile

Your profile bio is the best place in the first place.

When you set up a blog for your business, the best way to promote it is by making it noticeable on your Social Media profiles. Ensure you compose a short however a relevant 'bio' telling clients your identity, what you're enthusiastic about, and what you do. Remember, it has to be the best!

Additionally, ensure you include a decent invitation to take action and a connection to your blog or site. This is imperative since it's your only position to post a link on Instagram that is hyperlinked and clickable for the target audience.

Extra tip:
Now you can also add #hashtags to you Instagram bio. When you include a '# or @' in your bio, they become live links that lead to a hashtag page or another profile.

add hashtags to you Instagram bio

However, remember that this link in your bio is not going to drive traffic all alone. Don't just set and forget the link in your bio!

To draw in more readers to your blog you have to get more particular regarding utilizing this link in bio. One approach to do this is by refreshing that link for each new post that goes live on your Instagram.

For instance, when you click on a new Instagram post of this talented fashion designer's page, she often tells you to check the link in her bio for more information.


This is an impeccably simple approach to drive more readers to your blog without spending a dime on promotions.

2. Do not spam! - Post quality content and images

Before you could start promoting your content or blog to a specific set of an audience on Instagram, make a list of all the types of Instagram posts you could create related to your blog. Do not overpopulate the timeline of your audience with the same post again and again. Add a quote, a statistic from your blog, create multiple iterations for a same article and experiment as much as you could with your posts.

Remember great images/content on Instagram sells, converts, and sometimes it works wonders: it goes viral, creates traffic inflow, and encourage you to achieve your goals. How would you deliver something so awesome it'll circulate around the web and help you accomplish your objectives?

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Well here are a few examples of different ways you could adapt to post content on Instagram to drive more traffic to your blog.

Pre Launch Promotion Idea:
You could begin by posting images from your blog to create a buzz about your article before it launches. With this easy-to-implement tactic, you can have people talking about your article and excited about its release date.

Pre Launch Promotion Idea

Post Launch Promotion Idea:

You could start making amazing pictures including content portraying your blog. By this, you can create an incredible enthusiasm for your blog posts. This can be as easy as taking a photo of your most recent blog posts, resizing it for Instagram, and including a quote or title to the image from the blog.

Post Launch Promotion Idea

Extra tip:

In addition to keeping your content sharing aligned with your blog or online business, incorporate impressive themes to attract readers to your Instagram. Make sure whatever it is you’re sharing is high-quality stuff. By this I mean, always utilize beautiful photos, add cool filters or light effects in your photographs, explore with text overlays, and get highly creative with it.

Post Launch Promotion Idea

An attractive Instagram feed could help you attract a bunch of audience to your Instagram profile and readers to your blog!

3. Utilise Instagram stories to promote your blog

In case you're not utilizing Instagram Stories you are missing out on an excellent opportunity for your business. It is another place to share a link! Since its inception, Instagram stories has turned into a massive feature for driving visitors to your blog. With area labels, stickers, support for both photograph and video, and an approach to communicating live, Instagram stories give entrepreneurs a chance to adapt their image and step up their content marketing strategy.

One of my most loved parts of Instagram stories is the "Swipe Up". This enables clients to hyperlink a clasp of their Story to their preferred URL and is an astonishing method to drive blog traffic. At present, to have a swipe up feature, you're required to have a business account and no less than 10,000 supporters.

Utilise Instagram stories to promote your blog
Take a look at the colorfully inspired story that 'Feel Good Foody' used to promote their recipes. 'Feel Good Foody' uses playful colors and text boxes to create an eye-popping graphic. Even the different shades, although time-consuming, are used with great intention. Users already know what to expect before they also swipe up.

When a user swipe up, he is directed directly to the pane where he can read the article:

How to promote your blog through Instagram

This saves users the trouble of doing the hard work of stopping and heading towards your Instagram profile to click a link in your bio – this convenience provided by you could bring lot more traffic to your blog.

Want more inspiration for Instagram Stories? Here are ways on how your business could make use of this feature!

4. Pin your blog posts to the top

You need something to make your content stand out. Afterall, that's the most crucial element. The best thing you could do is pin or stick a specific post on the page.

However, is it possible to pin your content to Instagram profile? How could you do that? 🤔

Yes, it is possible! You can add stories to appear on your profile as highlights, even after they disappear. Highlights appear below your profile photo.

How to promote your blog through Instagram

To add a story to a highlight:

  • Go to your profile and tap Story Highlights below your username and bio.
  • Tap +.
  • Tap to select the story or stories you want to add to highlights, then tap Next.
  • Choose a cover photo and enter a story name for your highlight, then tap Add (iPhone) or Done (Android). You can add more pictures or videos to your highlight at any time by tapping Edit Highlight.

Instagram's Highlights feature pins the stories as highlights to your Instagram profile. This piece of content will be right at the top, and it’ll be one of the first things that a visitor sees. A pinned story has the most significant potential to attract readers to your blog.

What type of content should you pin to drive traffic to your blog?

A pinned story must have the following attributes:

  • It should include a call to action
  • Something that compels people to follow your blog

For instance, you could pin your best-performing content, such as a link to a blog post (merely having a large number of likes, shares, comments, etc. will make an impression).

5. Outreach people you've mentioned in your blog

Remember, it’s less about content creation and more about content promotion.

Here is a bonus strategy of mine, inspired by the effective blog distribution strategy where you contact the majority of the influencers, and organizations you've mentioned in your blog post.

For an instance, our business blog got tons of traffic when we outreached the influencers mentioned in our blog - "Top 55 Social Media Marketing Influencers to Follow in 2018".

In return for a mention, they promoted our blog on their Instagram and other Social profiles. However, getting a post recommendation from an influencer is not a simple task! You need to make use of another promotional strategy called 'Influencer Outreach'.

You need to Get On their Radar!

Reach out the bloggers on the emails and let them know that you mentioned them in your blog post. Also, create an Instagram post and mention them in the post.

Wrapping Up!

If managed appropriately, Instagram can prove to be a potent tool for driving traffic to your blog. It requires a little more effort and entirely different strategy to promote your blog or content on Instagram, but the results are tremendous.

By sticking to the tactics mentioned above, your Instagram page for sure enables you to drive considerable traffic to your blog. If need be, you can always take help of Instagram marketing tools like Statusbrew to post consistently on Instagram.

What are your favorite ways to leverage Instagram for more traffic? What strategies have worked for you?

Share your experience in the comments below!


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