How Can Tags Bring About Efficiency

Recently, while replying to users in the support mail, I realised that one of the most potential tools at Unfollowers remain hidden and unexplored. In fact, a lot of users even suggested us to have a feature like that. That is precisely the reason for today’s blog.

As reported by Adweek, nearly 70 percent of small businesses thrive on Twitter. More and more start ups and advertising agencies are turning towards Twitter to develop a strong network base. In such a scenario, appropriate management and effective communication through one’s Twitter and Instagram account is of a great consequence. Today, we shall talk about one of the most effective ways to organise one’s account on Twitter in order to bring about the best of communication practices possible.

Create Tags

No matter what number of followings you have, it is always suggested to create tags in the list. This is one of the most effective ways to organise your list of following. There is a strong link with the sort of communication you strike with groups of people and same formula cannot work everywhere. Therefore, tag users in a group with common thread running across it. You can either Auto-Tag users or create manual tags.

Auto-Tag Using Copy Followers Feature

As discussed in the previous blog of Copy Followers, you can enable the option of Auto-Tag users in this feature so that whenever you go through your list of Following, you can easily detect the group of users assimilated under one tag from a specific user’s profile through which you copied them.

auto tag in copy followers

Auto-Tag Using Source Feature

Source Feature also enables the option of Auto-Tag in the Settings Page. This allows all the users to be automatically tagged in its respective data sources. An avid user outsources a lot of source profiles, therefore it is always recommended to Auto-Tag a user when he follows you back. This can further allow you to easily unfollow the users who haven’t followed you back.

Manual Tags

Business strategists always recommend to tag different under separate heads for a genuine understanding of ones own Twitter profile. Humanly, it is not possible to know the details and whereabouts of all the people in your following/followers list. Therefore, create tags. These tags can be a coded explanation of the nature of users grouped under it. For instance, Tags such as Employees, Salesperson, Marketers, Customers.July2015, PremiumCustomers are self-explanatory and insightful. Creating tags organises list of followers/following in form of neat compartments. In case of the above tag PremiumCustomers, in place of scrolling through the list of a thousands of followers for your premium customers, you can directly view them under a tag. Another benefit of creating a tag allows user to know about about the follow-up action undertaken by them. For instance, if I followed a list all my employees and thereby create a tag Employees, it would be easy for me to monitor as to how many employees follow or did not follow me back so that I can take the necessary action.

manual tags

Send Direct Message

It is always suggested to directly stay in touch with your followers not through a Tweet, but a personalised direct message. For a follower can avoid a Tweet, but never a direct message. This is where tags creation can help users to connect with a larger audience effectively without ever having to waste endless hours on reorganisation and compilation.
For instance, I would like to send a direct message to my premium customers about a recent update in the plan. Since, I have already created a tag, I can simply click on it and send a personalised Dm about the update. Not only do the customers feel special, but their is a kind of relationship building associated with it. Also, In case you wish to send a “Thank You” note to your previous followers, you can directly select the users from the Following List and send a customised message to all the users at one go.

bulk selection options

Tip: You can perform bulk actions such as send message, tweet users, create tags in bulk through the application. Simply select the users from the list (you can enable table form from the Filter column for a quick selection) and choose the desired option from the available list in the Filter column.

So, there you go. For an avid Twitter user who aims to grow and prosper his Twitter community, nothing could be as easy as managing the followers/following with Tags. Also, do not forget to notify them or drop in an update once in a while through a Direct Message in bulk operations.

After all, you never know when a follower just gets impressed by your messages and inbox updates and might just decide to roll out some really interesting deal your side.. Good luck!


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