How to Leverage Your Social Audience to Build Your Brand on Twitter

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Evolution of communication and advertising portals has brought about a humongous change in the way people interact and strategize their marketing techniques. Social Media is the byproduct of this very evolution. This has further triggered changes in the way big businesses and brands act and interact to enhance their social media presence.

A novice social media user might be impressed by numbers, however a real business developer always look for leads, people who can actively contribute to the growth of their business.

Therefore, let us take a quick tour as to how one can leverage Social Media Audience to Build their Business and Brand.

Build Authentic Social Profiles with Cogent Bio Details

Your social media profile is your door to the social world. That is how people would recognize you in the social domain. Therefore, bio should always be self-descriptive, captivating and a quick read. Place your interests and merits right away. Use keywords related to your profession, so that people across the web can locate you easily.

Your Post, Matters

Twitter is all about building effective content. Besides information about your product and services, bring across genuine ideas, growth techniques and solutions which are of value to your audience. Educate, entertain and be informative - that is the mantra to keep you going. And, a touch of humour never goes wrong.

With such a heavy flow of content on social media, you are bound to get lost. Therefore, timings and frequency play a very major role in defining your success on Twitter. Using Statusbrew you can schedule and recycle an array of tweets for the entire week, well in advance. And later on even review performance metrics linked to each tweet.

Restrategize your Tweet Strategy with Post Recycler Tool

Think Beyond Numbers

Following random profiles on social media can only add to numbers. However, for a smart business and brand development, one must look for growth beyond numbers. The idea is to connect with users who can add productively to the group. For example, on Twitter, using social tools, businesses could start by following their competitors’ followers, use Power Search tool to connect with relevant audience in appropriate geographies, drill down further with relevant Keyword or Hashtag search for optimization.

Grow your Brand by bringing valuable audience

A Fortnight Profile Cleanup

Once you have a dedicated Followers/Following list, it is important to monitor it. Well built community can be one the strongest assets earned through Social Media. Make sure you sweep away all inactive, fake, zombie profiles and make way for interactive social profiles. Skim down your list of followers/following using Filters feature at Statusbrew. They allow you to get rid of all the trolls and inactive profiles. Filters can help you reach out most active profiles as well.

How to clean up your social clutter, read more

Organize To Grow

Understanding your customers on social networks (Followers and Following) is an important aspect for the growth of business. Your followers on Twitter would comprise existing customers, prospective buyers, your competitors, etc. But not all the followers bring valuable gain for the business.

Therefore, rather than getting lost in random clusters, the solution is to restructure and organize your followers using the Tags feature. It allows for similar sets of users to be given a particular Tag. Tags could then be used to effectively communicate with different stakeholders to implement follow up plans, such as by connecting one on one with them through DMs.

Rome was not built in a day, nor can social value be created for businesses and entrepreneurs. And, this is where applications such as Statusbrew make life of business owners more productive on social networks. So, whether the plan is to amplify your brand’s outreach or generate revenue leads, the key is to have an effective strategy followed by a powerful execution. So, go ahead and start building a healthy and proactive audience that can mature as happy customers tomorrow.


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