Double The Awesomeness At Half The Price

We are excited to extend you the awesomeness of our mobile subscription plan - Aviator at a truly amazing price. You can now purchase the Aviator subscription plan for both the iOS and Android at an incredibly low price of US$ 49.9 when purchased annually and US$ 9.99 per month.

This plan brings you the same set of features at an even better price. In our upgraded premium plan, you can perform the following actions:

Multiple Social Profiles

Add upto 5 Twitter/Instagram profiles.


Track the growth of your social audience. Perform unlimited actions (Twitter and Instagram limits are all-abiding) and build relationships with your followers with Automated DMs and Tweets around the clock.


Create and manage content for all your social profiles by creating unique Schedules for each social profile. You can also target audience based on different time zones, posting days and times.

So, map your social performance and boost your presence in the social world with this comprehensive social media management tool right in your pocket.

Download Statusbrew app to avail the subscription on your iOS Device

Download Statusbrew app to avail the subscription on your Android Device


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