A Hard Look At Your Social Media Habits

The essence of social media is knowing your audiences and engaging them in something they like or love.

"Do you remember when did you last review your social media posts? It has been really long. Is it?"

So even if delayed, now is the time you could do that and it is necessary if you wish for the smooth survival and evolvement of your business. Today I would like to share about my social media habits that I follow to the core.

"See how many among the given below habits do you follow. If really you haven’t tried any yet, just give it a try once. I am sure you will later do the add ups in your social media planner"

Speak To Your Customers, At Least Once In Month

You must interact with at least one customer of yours every month and discuss about your viewpoints on social media. Short conversations with your customers could be more fruitful and convenient to understand the audience demand. You could save a lot of money that you generally spend in organising the survey campaigns for the process of getting customer feedback.

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Focus On Building And Maintaining Relations

Good corporate relationships nurture the business and plays a great role in making it a success. Always try to keep a record of people who could be your potential customers, clients or other business associates and owners in future. Moreover, give time to them may be one by one but keep on making relations. After a certain period of time when you will look back, you could be able to see a lot of trustworthy and loyal followers who could turn in your product buyers within minutes.

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Take Analytics Seriously

Executing strategies won’t benefit your business in any way if you don’t spend quality time in analysing the results. Being a smart business owner, one must spend at least one hour every week to sit down with a cup of coffee and go through all the previous analytical reports of your business campaigns, planned strategies, so that he could see the clear picture of where the business is heading, what failed and where the profits generated.

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If Something Isn’t Working, Drop That

It happens sometimes that you make a plan for your business and you start expecting a great output from that. Unfortunately things do not go that way and you feel like left with a lot of disappointment. That should not be your attitude in this sort of circumstances. Remember the quote, “If plan A doesn’t work, the alphabet has 25 more characters”. So just stop doing what is not happening”.

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Do Business But Live Social

Your customers and clients must not get the feel that your only motive is to earn financial benefits. They must realise that if you are gaining money out of your business then a fair amount out of your profits is serving a good social cause as well. Manage some time to dedicatedly devote yourself to a humble cause and donate. Make someone’s living fine. This could build up a big room in your customers hearts and you yourself will be a happy heart.

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Keep Yourself Updated With Technology

Though every day a new social media tool comes to into existence. It is not that easy to have a knowledge of each and every tool. There has to be a sense of staying updated in every good marketer if you expect an output or growth from the channel of social media. You really don’t need to follow every social media tool. Just keep on reading the tech reviews about social media tools and try on the much rated ones. Later, you can start adding all that are working good for you to your personalised tool list you follow for your social media marketing.

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All these habits are helping me and I hope can help you too in some way. Your views and suggestions are most welcome.


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Disha Sethi

Content writer at Statusbrew.

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