How can you Generate 100 Leads a Week from Twitter

With 330 million monthly active users, sending around 500 million tweets daily, Twitter is a robust platform to get supporters, to share your ideas & thoughts and to reach your future customers and lifelong brand advocates.

Twitter is fast unlike other social media platform; it shows tweets in real time. When you publish on it, the people following your business will receive the tweet immediately. But despite all this, there are times when you can't see positive outcomes from your Twitter marketing endeavors.

Could it be that you’re not using a social media management tool that gives you tools to publish, connect, and report on Twitter? Let us tell you how Statusbrew raises the bar on Twitter marketing features for businesses and agencies. In this guide, we’ll show you how we utilize Twitter to generate 100 new leads every week, without much investment.

But first, let us understand...

What makes Twitter unique and an excellent platform to generate leads?

What makes Twitter genuinely exceptional is that it is an open online networking channel. Unlike Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, where a great many people have private accounts; on Twitter, the vast majority have open accounts.

Generate 100 Leads a Week from Twitter

Due to the way Twitter works, you can get some extremely positive outcomes (by outcomes I mean leads and deals) without spending a penny on paid publicizing.

Time and Energy will be your main investment on Twitter!

The more time you put in, the more you will get out of it. This adds up to the amazing potential of Twitter to help you in lead generation for your business.

So, here is our step-by-step guide for generating more leads and sales by using Twitter.

Twitter marketing strategy to generate business leads

Before you bounce into utilizing Twitter for business lead generation, you need to have a well-defined Twitter marketing strategy. Not simply any 'strategy', but rather one that has been demonstrated to work.

Luckily, we've been utilizing Twitter for various years now, and have tried which marketing strategy works and which doesn't.

We follow five simple steps.

  1. Optimise your Twitter profile and Publish relevant content
  2. Identify your targets
  3. Form connections and engage with your targets
  4. Generation of leads
  5. Sit back, Repeat and Relax!

1. Optimize your Twitter profile

Optimized Twitter Profile

By optimizing your Twitter profile we mean, make sure it Looks Wow!

If your Twitter account looks dynamic, has a decent outline, and so on, it will go far to urging individuals to follow and engage with you.

Here are some things you need to keep in mind while creating a Twitter profile for your business:

Improve your Twitter Bio

Twitter bio of Statusbrew

Bio's the primary thing individuals see when they look at you on Twitter. Despite the fact that it's only 160 characters, that is still a lot of space to leave an impact. Mention what you can help people with so that people have a reason to follow.

Having a call-to-action can go a long way in gaining new followers.

Publish relevant content

Not all sales happen immediately. Use Twitter to distribute great content, and your targets will warm up to the idea of following you. Tweeting is an art form and an excellent way to generate more leads. You should know how to speak your heart out in those 145 characters. Keep your tweets short, concise and precise.

Observe the general pattern of tweets posted by your competitors. Chances are if your targets find similar discussions going on your Twitter profile too, they will follow you back.

Tip: You can save yourself the time and trouble by using Statusbrew. For regular publishing and scheduling of your content you can make use of Publish section of Statusbrew application.

At Statusbrew, we are focusing on business visionaries and entrepreneurs who need to develop their business utilizing the social media, so we post articles around those subjects, as found in the cases beneath.

Develop business using social media example

2. Identify your targets

It's time to stop digging into random profiles and start doing some research. One of the foremost steps in generating leads on Twitter is identifying your targets, those social profiles that are relevant to your business.

A common way of doing this is by looking for followers of other accounts that are like you. Befriend your competitors! Competitors could turn out to be an extraordinary asset, provided you know who your rivals are.

3. Form connections and engage with your targets


It's simple! You Follow them.

Here's the procedure we take at Statusbrew for ourselves and our customers:

  1. Follow the targets
  2. Unfollow them who don't follow back after few days

Over time, we found out that the most optimum time to Unfollow users who did not follow you back on Twitter is 7 days.

Chances are if your targets like what they see (which is also why it’s important to post relevant content) they will follow you back.

As a bonus, you can also “Engage” with your potential customers by replying to their comments. Here at Statusbrew, we engage with our customers by replying to their comments, by mentioning them in tweets or through a short video message.

Bonus: Use the Engage feature of Statusbrew to monitor conversations about your brand and product over all your social channels and find out what are people saying about you.

4. Generation of business leads

Last but not the least, the ideal way of using Twitter for lead generation is by having direct discussions or conversations with your target audience, and by sending them a Twitter direct message (DM). You can move the conversation off Twitter too.

Find your target on Linkedin or simply send an email to them. It makes the interaction more personal and leaves an impact on a consumer depicting that you have the interest to nurture the bond.

Remember, you don't have to SPAM the inbox of your target audience, instead be targeted and try to provide help and value to your prospects. Communicating transparently, honestly, and regularly with your audience will build their trust with you over time. They will look to you as a source of reputable information and services.

One of our most popular lead generation strategies on Twitter is to provide value to our target audience by offering them free content such as videos, guides, blog posts, articles, webinars, etc. By doing this, we normally generate about 15 leads in one day.

Don't forget: The goal of lead generation is always to capture your potential customer's name and email by providing something of value – usually in the form of a free piece of content.

5. Sit back, Repeat and Relax!

Along these lines, you can build a relationship with your targets and hold them as clients for quite a while. This process is quite a time-consuming process, but the outcomes of this strategy are assured. Therefore, follow these steps and patiently wait for the positive results.

You can do it too! Here's how...

By following these steps and by spending as little as 2 hours a day, we were able to generate nearly 15 leads per day.

Basically, with approximately more than an hour per day spent on gaining Twitter leads, you’re likely to see benefits.

The only thing required is your Time and Energy. Yes, people are able to generate leads without a significant investment.

You can, too!

Does your Twitter marketing deserve a better management tool?

Maybe it’s time to see what Statusbrew can do for you. We offer a free, 14-days trial to anyone who wants to step up their Twitter marketing efforts!


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