Feature Focus - "Tagging Users"

Organizing your community is a great way manage your twitter network. Unfollowers provide you with a way to Tag users on our site. This feature is our attempt to make Unfollowers the best management tool.

What Does Unfollowers Do?

Basically, Unfollowers acts as your manager. It enables you to create classifications in your user community by making and adding tags to any twitter user. This means you can bifurcate and deal with different categories of contacts like family, friends, business, guests, students, fans and so on and so forth.

This makes sure that you can keep a distinct log of users without losing track of the kind of responses you have made. These tags serve as an excellent alternative to lists. This is because while using lists, there is a restriction of making only 1000 lists with only 5000 contacts in it.

However, with tags, there is no upper limit to it. You can allocate tags to as many people as you like and it can be as glorious as you would want them to be. These tags can also be used to lay down the criteria for our features such as "Copy Followers and tracking other users followers and following".

How Is This Feature Ever So Useful?

Let us give you our use case and why we decided to build this feature. A while ago we asked on twitter .

We had to reply to each of those users manually and we need to get feedback from those users, doing all that was very painful. We quickly realized an opportunity to make something awesome here. So we launched a feature called “@Mention Tracker”. Which gives you a list of all users who have mentioned you. And then we released our next awesome feature “Tagging users”.

Combining these features, you can keep a track of users who mentioned you, and with our featurer like “Mention selected” and “DM selected” you can send a message to all those users in few easy clicks, after sending messages you tag those users to keep a record of users who you just followed up with. This will help you collect feedback make notes and much more.

Using This For Events

This feature serves the best purpose when it comes to organising events. You can simply create a tag for attendees and send private messages or even tweets to each one. It is quick, easy and efficient and keeps all the time hassles at bay.

Try Unfollowers.com now and make Twitter a simpler place for yourself!

Here is how I recently used this new feature.

Tag names
"Follow up" containing people to reply.
"Followed 17 and 19 feb" users we followed using our "Copy followers/following" feature. To keep a track of potential customers who will follow us back and then we send them introduction via our Auto DM feature.

Mention multiple users in a tweet

Mention multiple users in a tweet

Let us know if you have any interesting use case you would like to share. We will feature you in our next article.

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