New Feature: Rules For Twitter (Next Generation Automation For Twitter)

Automation saves time. But twitter hasn't been very supportive to Automation right from the start. Around a year ago, it had asked us to remove some of our automated features regarding following. While we tried to argue with them, but as a third party application there is no other option or you get suspended. Its in our best interest to abide by their rules.

Today we are introducing a new kind of Automation for Twitter. Automation that are in accordance with its terms and conditions and that can save you countless hours of work. We are introducing "Rules" an event driven automation.
You can create a rule based, which gets activated when an event occurs.

Step 1: Event

Choose when you would like to activate the rule. An event can be one of the following:

  • When someone followed you.
  • When someone mentioned you.
  • When someone adds you to a list.

rules event

Step 2: Conditions

Choose a criteria to filter users to which you want to apply actions on. Suppose you want to send a message / tweet to people who speak Japanese. You can adjust the filter and set the language filter to Japanese. The possibility are endless, you can segment and target the people you want.

rules conditions

Step 3: Actions

Choose what action you want to do on users who satisfy the rule conditions. You can do one of the following actions

  • Send a Direct Message
  • Send a mention tweet
  • Add them to a list
  • Tag them

rules actions

Rules are a great way to engage with your community automatically and effectively. Its easy to get started. The possibilities with Rules are endless. Its a powerful tool for businesses and users who want to keep track of people who are engaging with them.

To Get started click on the Automate Tab on top and then click on Rules.

list of all the rules


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Tushar Mahajan

CEO Statusbrew
  • Tokyo, Japan

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