Feature Focus: Multi-Select And Bulk Actions

We know campaigning on Social Media could be a hard task especially when you need to send messages to a lot of people simultaneously. We realized this pain point and came up with a solution to it. Named as ‘Multi-Select and Bulk Actions’, this feature focuses on saving your time, making interactions with your audience easier and thus increasing your productivity.

How can you Multi-Select?

There are times when you want to send a DM about your company’s upcoming event to a set of your regular or favorite customers. What you would usually have to do is search for individual Twitter profile and then send the DM to each one of them. This is very time consuming especially when you have dozens of favorite customers. This is where you can make use of our Multi-Select feature to get the Bulk Action going in a few clicks. Let me show you how it’s done.

  1. Once you’re in the Audience section of your Twitter profile, choose a criteria from the left column of the Audience Section. We take here, Mutual Followback under the Tracking drop-down.
  2. Click on the users whom you want to select and they’ll be highlighted in the gray.

Multiple Selection

  1. You’ll find the column right your activity screen, change from Filters to Bulk Actions.
  2. Using the ADD TAGS option, segment these users in a Tag. You may add them to an already created tag or create a new Tag for them.

Add Tag

  1. Now, head to Tags under the Segments drop-down in the left column. Select the Tag under which the users you want to send the DM are present.
  2. Select the users for sending the DM.
    Tip: To select multiple users in a sequence, you may also hold down the ‘Shift’ key and select the first and last user and all the users in between would be selected automatically.
  3. Select the option Direct Message from the right column. A popup would appear where you can draft your DM and then click Next.

Direct Message Popup

  1. Lastly, you just have to click the Send arrow corresponding to the profiles and your Bulk DM Action would successfully be complete!

Here’s a short demo video of the same:

Note: The Bulk DM Action can only be performed on the users who are following you.

What all can be performed in Bulk using Multi-Select?

Once the required list of users is selected from a criteria under the Tracking, Segments or Lists drop-down, you can perform various actions in bulk such as:

  • Mention/Direct Message: To establish a round of communication with your Followers by creating personalized Tweets or Direct messages in bulk.
  • Tag: To review a list and simultaneously Tag multiple users for effective management.
  • List: (Add/Remove): To add or remove multiple users from the same List.
  • Whitelist: To prevent accidental unfollow of influential followers in your List.
  • Mute: To mute multiple user profiles from being shown on your Twitter timeline without unfollowing or blocking that account.

I hope you make this feature a part of your daily session on Statusbrew. This would surely help you save a lot of your precious time. If you already have an idea or know an even better hack to save time, share it in the comments below. You never know, your one new idea could be turned into our next great feature!


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