Filters: From Cluttered To Cleared

So you have a list of 50k followers and you were thinking to follow back a few of them. Hi, that’s not a bad idea. Now ideally, going through all those profiles individually would change seasons and for a smart user that wouldn’t be a good idea either.

So where’s the rescue?

Well, we call them Filters at Unfollowers. They are the basic building blocks for narrowing down the potential users’ list (Followers, Unfollowers, Fans, etc.) thereby eliminating the unwanted profiles. Once you have the potential list of users you can simply follow or unfollow them at a button’s hit. Using appropriate Filters promote efficiency and productivity. Different Filters can be activated depending upon one's need and requirement.

It can be categorised as follows:


how filters work

Activity Filters

There are different parameters on which you can classify the list of your new followers, unfollowers, fans etc. All these parameters are squeezed in form a slider bar so that you can set your own limit and demarcate it accordingly.

  • Followers - People with a huge fan following are most likely to be popular on Twitter. Just in case you want to follow them, set the range high on the slider bar.

  • Following - You can set a limit from a high to low following as you desire. Chances are that people with low or no following might not follow back users easily.

  • Lists - Users who have been added to different lists by people on Twitter are bound to be resourceful and productive. This filter helps you screen those people in right few seconds.

  • Account Age - There are times when you are in search of users who have long been acquainted with Twitter and its usability. In that case, this Filter might help you get the desired list of users

  • Tweets/Day - Twitter lovers love to tweet and It’s hard for them to resist. So, the more one tweets, more active is he on Twitter, and active users are always an asset.

  • Followers/Following Ratio - A balanced ratio between the two points towards credibility. Make sure you use the slider bar wisely.

  • Last Tweeted - You surely don’t want to follow people whose last tweet was like ages ago. Set this filter range to ensure that only active twitter profiles are listed for you.

Demographic Filters

  • Profiles - Profiles can either be public or protected. You can filter either of them to reach a definite list of users.

  • Users - Famous users’ profiles on Twitter are generally verified profiles. This Filter can help you search for authentic profiles skimming the unverified ones.

  • Avatar - We understand that an egg-like display on the profile picture can be disappointing when searching for the targeted users. Filter such profiles by selecting a proper Avatar

  • No Zombie Filter - Inactive and dormant profiles on Twitter can not be very productive in the long run. Zombie Filters enables to remove all those inert profiles so that you only have prospective users’ List to work on.

My Tags

You can create Tags to organize a group of users under one head. These Tags can be used later and applied under different criteria. For an instance, you can Tag all your office employees under the Tag employees and later apply it under different set of criteria and Filters.

Auto Filters

In case you are wondering, the set of Filters you just applied to a list of users can be helpful in near future, you can save it as an Auto-Filter, so that next time you visit us, you simply hit the Auto-Filter button in place of resetting those Filters.

Thus, Filters aim at simplifying user experience by presenting only the relevant users List. This tool promotes efficiency and productivity where user knows he only has the reliable user information to pick from. You can apply multiple Filters on Lists and attain precise and accurate results.

We would love hear about your secret Filter recipe. Go ahead and share it with the world.


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