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Be it individuals, organisations, startups or institutions- every profile on Twitter aims to build strong connections on the personal and professional front. The whole idea is to improve the quality of followers than quantity. However, not many people are able to target the right audience- the audience that might help them grow. The questions generally wrestling in one’s mind are how, where, when and why.

Now before you wrestle further, here goes the answer.

  • Stop digging into random profiles - To be honest, it won’t fetch you a valuable following in the long run. You might just end up bleeding your precious time without any great results.
  • Closely observe the activities of the KEY Profiles - Start by preparing a list of all the users (competitors, friends, motivators etc.) who can be beneficial to you in one way or the other. Surprisingly, the most closely spied profile is that of one’s competitors. To think of, your competitors' potential customers are not only his assets but yours as well*.

For an instance, a Fashion Designer running his own studio in Tokyo, would be as much interested in exhibitions, buyers, fellow stylists, fashion shows, event manager programmes as any other active designer in Tokyo. To target audience through twitter might sound heavy and arduous; however, with smart work and a bit of strategy at play, the scenario might be really different. This tool at rescue comes across as COPY FOLLOWERS at UNFOLLOWERS, where you can grow your account on your competitors' account.

Taking the above illustration a step further, the designer must prepare a list of competitors whom he would want to watch closely. Once done, feed us with the information so that we can list down all the potential Followers/Following list for you. This inside list is a valuable resource to multiply your followers. All you need to do is follow the influential people from the target user's profile. Once you follow people, they might take a few seconds to scroll through your profile and if you match the interest of the user, there are high chances that he too would follow you back. There it goes, a clear win-win strategy on how the mutual benefits equation work on Twitter and Instagram.

How Copy Followers Work?

Step 1
Login Unfollowers account through your Twitter Id. Select Activity from the top menu and then go to Copy Followers/Following option from the left navigation bar.

Step 2
Add the Username and the type of action (Copy Followers/Copy following) you would want us to perform. Here, the designer wishes to closely observe the account of the @tokyofashions

Step 3
Once you hit the GO button, a list of @tokyofashion’s followers would appear. Just click the Follow button against the user’s name you think might follow you back.

The niceties of COPY FOLLOWERS feature doesn’t end here. You can further refine your experience using

  • Auto Tag feature
  • Hidden previously followed users

Auto Tag

Copying followers/following randomly from targeted profiles might leave you confused with a long list of people without any classification. Feature of Auto tag allows you to create automatic tags and organize the users(people you just followed) under different heads. Segmenting users make it easy to review and track the growth acquired from those profiles. As a result, every time you open a tag you would have a list of all the relevant users under it.

For an instance, looking at the list below, one can easily make out the number of followers followed from a specific user’s list. The designer here followed 69 users from @tokyofashion on 18 June, 234 followers from @harajuku_street on 17 June and so on. CF_@tokyofashion_18june-15 is the tag and selecting the tag would list down all 69 users tagged under it.

Hide Previously Followed Users

We keep a record of all the followers you have followed or unfollowed right from the time you joined Unfollowers. ‘Hidden previously followed users’ would exclude all the users you have followed before or unfollowed at sometime. We are sure you don’t want these profiles, so check against the block before you hit the GO button.


Copy followers gives you a list of followers for you to choose the user you wish to copy. But if you wish to apply filters and sort to that list using our filters menu. You should give our Source feature a try.

So without a wrestle just go ahead set your TO-DO List and we shall see you soon reaching new heights.


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