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Our social world is evolving day by day and simultaneously the time is running faster. We all have wide personal, professional as well as social circles but we hardly have time to meet people or communicate with them. Well you must not forget that we are really fortunate as we are living in an era where technology is generating advancement every single second in everything around us.

Now when there is an evolution of innovation in the world, how come our developers at Statusbrew stay behind. They are actually a step ahead of web advancement. Surely you all would have used the Automation Feature at Unfollowers, but now with the transformation of Unfollowers into Statusbrew, along with all the features, our developers have highly upgraded the Automation station to give you utmost experience of automation.

The newly developed feature of Automation at Statusbrew is highly efficient in performing actions with brilliant efficiency. All you would have to do is just decide your actions for automation, and Statusbrew shall do the rest for you. Isn’t that interesting? Just imagine, the automation station at Statusbrew will be sending the refreshing greetings and regards 24*7 to all who step into your social world and follow you at any point of time. For you the automation station would be brewing the feel of relaxation and comfort by taking all your burden of social media engagement.

Get close to the real technique of Automation.

So this was the general feel about the working of Automation feature at Statusbrew that I was sharing with you. Now, allow me to share the inside glimpse of the automation station and its possibilities. Here you would be able to automate all of your initial tasks such as you can Whitelist a user, send a welcome tweet and direct message when someone follows you. In fact you can also send direct message when someone mentions you. That’s a fantastic way to reach and reply back people in real time. You may now have an idea that how beneficial this tool is for business enterprises and can work wonders.

To save time, you can also start creating Tags and perform organization tasks in bulk.

This is not just enough, there is still a lot more brewing at the automation station. If you are local company or even a big business enterprise, with the help of sending Auto DM’s, you can offer promotional deals to your clients whenever they follow you. There is also a provision available for creating a list and adding users to it if there is some thing about sharing a same information with all of them. It’s a great time saving tool as you would not have to perform single action again and again for every different follower and following.

Moreover, you would be able to completely organise your social community with a personalised way of Rule building. With the help of Rule Builder at Automation Station, you can set a rule like if you want to send DM Message to people who follow you from America.You choose an event that says follows me. You can also add filters for a better refined search and later you choose an action like Send a Direct Message and then finally you click the button Apply this rule. Now all your American followers would be getting your direct messages automatically without consuming any of your hard efforts.

If you want more explanation on this, let me help you understand it with a simple use case. I am a blogger and I love to share my blogs with people does blogging and read blogs. So, the easiest way I could reach them is with Automation feature at Statusbrew. The process to follow would be:

  • I would go to the Automate page in my Statubrew account.
  • Click the Rules option. There opens the Rule Builder.
  • Enter the Rule Name - Blogger
  • Choose the Event - Follows me
  • Apply conditions - Language Filter (English)
  • Choose Action - Send a Direct Message (eg. Hey..I would love to share my new blogs with you and hope to get your reviews on that. Please visit here.
  • Click Apply This Rule button.

Now whenever I would get a Blogger as follower, he would directly receive my message and I would be able to promote my talent.

Learn more about Automation Feature and how it can add value to your business.

So, there is a huge scope for business growth if you use this tool with great sense. You would feel great to experience that how Automation tool at Statusbrew works as a smart promotional tool for you and your business. You can further advance your audience and social networking with our growth tools and community management.


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Disha Sethi

Content writer at Statusbrew.

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