Discover The DNA Of Your Community Through Graphical Insights

Whether you run business or support a cause on Twitter, it is crucial to understand the build up of user community for establishing a strong network across social media. At Unfollowers, we understand the user need for in depth core analytics and a close observation of his Followers/Following list. So, finally after a lot of experiments and trials, we get to taste success and deliver the most efficient and productive analytics tools for social community on Twitter.

This comprehensive tool of Graphical Insights at Unfollowers breaks down the available list into smaller graphical chunks which can help user to understand the pattern of his/her own community. For the first time ever you can apply Filters to graphs and navigate further into the graphical mode from the graph itself. You can apply graphs on every available List in the menu which means as a user you can now access graphical insights into every minute details of your profile such as New Followers, Fans, Mutual Followback etc. So now, there is a graphical resource under every detail at Unfollowers.

Every List can be exported to its graphical view where users can be segmented on the basis of:

  1. Languages
  2. Timezones
  3. Avatars
  4. Url
  6. Numbers of people they are following
  7. Followers/Following Ratio
  8. Time Since Last Tweet
  9. Tweets per Day

For instance, a user when enables graphical mode say in the list of “New Followers” he would be able to view the graphical representation of all the headings above.However, the goodness does not end here.We dive a step deeper into analytics where you can extract the complete graphical depiction of a particular section of the graphs and then also apply Filters >to it for further skimming and analysis.

Let us take it step-by-step in following example.

Step 1: Choose A Criteria From The List Option

Select any option from the Criteria List. Here we would take the instance of Mutual Followback.

Step 2: Switch To Graphical Mode

You can enable the graphical mode from the blue icon available in the menu on the top of the activity screen. This would redirect you to the graphical insights of that very list. In the case specified above, user can view the structural build-up of my mutual followback list. This would give him a fair idea as to how is his community constructed and also an idea about their activities.

Step 3: Select a Section of Graphs and Apply Filters

You can dig a level deeper with graphs and study a particular section of community with same clarity and depth. For instance, my mutual followback has majority of English users. To view the structural build up of English users in Mutual Followback, a user can simply click on the ‘English section’ in graphs.This would navigate him further to graphical representation of that particular section. In this way users can apply Filters on graphs to study even the slightest of variations in user community. This would bring you down to the specific list of user community. Taking the example a step further a user can graphically locate the number ‘Active’ English Users which can further be brought down to active english users ‘With Profile picture

The idea is to skim down the user list according to the requirement of the user.

Step 4: Switch To User Mode

Once a user reaches the desired list, he/she can switch back to User Mode from the same blue icon on the menu above the Activity list. This would list down all the users Graphically filtered in the list which is all Active English Users with a Profile Image. From here, a user can undertake the follow-up action such as- Add To List, Send Message, Whitelist Users etc.

Graphical Presentation mode along with Filters takes community insight and analytics to next level. Isn’t it simply remarkable to graphically filter your user list and at the same time view them with the same precision and accuracy. You can navigate from one flow of graph to another within a fraction of seconds thereby leading you to another set of graphs with reduced count of users…

Yes this insight can be resourceful, dynamic and a true business companion. Extract the most out of user community, the world of insight is just a feature away- go ahead, explore and let us know about your experience.

We would love to hear from you.


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