Dedicate Time To Have A Better Life On Twitter

“We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it. -Erik Qualman."

Well, I read this quote somewhere and something knocked the window of my mind. As I felt like I have just opened the window, a hard blow of questions dropped inside my mind such as - "How many social media networks you have joined so far? Which social media accounts really matter for you? Is your Facebook account much more active than your Twitter account, why? Aren’t you giving time and little bit of contribution to your Twitter account by sharing knowledge and information with that slowly growing list of followers you have?

I finally realized, yes, they might be waiting since long to hear from my side.

We all are aware about the fact that Twitter is a very powerful microblogging platform, that is so popular with celebrities and businesses. So even if you just have created an account on Twitter sometime back and there are just a few people following you over there, even then each and every follower is important and matters a lot. So, it is equally important for you to stay active and maintain the engagement with the people in your Twitter house. You must keep on feeding them with interesting post sharing. Being an avid Twitter user you would experience transformation in your life and business if you bring it on Twitter as it itself is a zone of great possibilities. You can start connecting with people far away who have similar thoughts and purpose like you and you can also develop your own community as well.

Dedicate Time To Have A Better Life On Twitter

Follow the below given steps to re-start again with your Twitter to make the best out of that -

1. Introduce Your True Self Through Your Profile

Make sure when you create a Twitter account or if you already have one, write a sensible bio about yourself and use your original profile pictures. People simply ignore the profiles having fake images, with no images and no bio. Writing an interesting bio on Twitter attracts people with similar interests and make them follow you.

2. Keep Tweeting But Tweet Smartly

Every user must share about 10-15 posts everyday on Twitter. But there is no fun of sharing all the posts together when you sit to use your Twitter account. The best way to do that is, decide the content you want to share and schedule all you posts for the day with a gap of 30-60 minutes. This will make your presence active on Twitter and your users will not feel disturbed.

Dedicate Time To Have A Better Life On Twitter

3. Be Social And Connect With People Around

Your followers must see you as a social soul. You must participate in social good activities happening around you and also make connections with like minded people in your personal life as well as on social platform like Twitter. This way you would always steal the attention of your followers and it would also bring a rise in your profile credibility.

Dedicate Time To Have A Better Life On Twitter

4. Share The Productive Posts Of Your Followers

If you have followers who share posts related to their creative work,business deal or anything worth sharing about public interest, help them to reach a wider audience. Retweet their posts or use related hashtags to connect them with suitable platforms, groups on Twitter. It is always great to share someone’s talent as well as any important information with others. This would please them a lot and they would feel happy following you.

5. Re-create The Tweets You Like To Share

There would be so many cool statements on social media that you would like to share with your audience. But just simply retweeting a tweet won’t create an impact on your audience listener. In fact, if you would speak your heart a little about what are you are retweeting for, your followers will surely spare a moment to look into that.

6. Be An Expert And Let People Rely On Your Advice

Find out what’s your interest and start updating yourself about that interest field by a lot of reading and participating in debates, discussions and interactions. Do whatever could help you to be the master of that field. Share instant updates with your followers being the first to share. Be someone that people would start looking for your opinion and advice on related topics. This would keep you in limelight and you would achieve good user interaction on your tweets.

Dedicate Time To Have A Better Life On Twitter

7. Request A Retweet

This is quite interesting and something that fortunately works most of the times. You can’t hope for a good amount of favourites and retweets every time you create a tweet of your own and share it with your followers. Now, if you just make an effort to request your followers by saying, kindly RT, I assure you that your words would surely be taken seriously by your followers and it will result in a big number of retweets then you receive usually.


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Disha Sethi

Content writer at Statusbrew.