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With more than 1.09 billion active users on Facebook and more than 15% new signups every year, Facebook has become the hub of social media marketing and promotion. So, if you have a business and you are not on Facebook, you are probably missing on a lot of good things on your marketing palette.

  • Unlike Facebook profile, you don’t have the limit of 5000 friends on your list.
  • Facebook Page, by very nature is meant for promoting your business or brand. It gives you a quick call of action button which instantly drives traffic from your page to the website.
  • You can access Facebook insights for valuable data insights.

Now looking at what all you can do with your business on Facebook, there shouldn’t be a reason for not hosting your own business page on Facebook and the art to grow your business lies in creating and publishing rich and engaging content around the clock. And, this is exactly where we could be of help.

With Publish Section now available for Facebook, you can create and schedule all your content effectively without any errors or delay from your Statusbrew dashboard.

Scheduling can save you from the hassles of manually setting your posts at odd hours and also maintaining an active social presence by optimizing your content flow.

So, if you are a brand manager running a social media campaign, you can preplan your posts and have an overview of how it shapes. Besides that, if you are working in team, you can create your own organization and add team members to manage your workflow effectively. In this case, a writer can create a post and send it to publisher for approval. Similarly you can add team members for managing your audience.

Create A Post

Under Publish section at Statusbrew, add text and upload the image to go along with it.

Set A Schedule

Assign a Schedule to your post or add a custom time to it. Schedules are a unique way of predetermining your posting days and time along with the Timezone you’d like to target. You can create schedules depending upon your social media campaign.

Add It To Queue

Hit “Save To Brewery” Your post would automatically be pushed live at the scheduled time.

Maintain The Momentum Of Your Posts

Observe your audience behavior- their availability pattern and interests by experimenting with Schedules and content type- that’s how you can gradually build your content flow on social media. So, roll up your sleeves, get into mode of creating some enriching posts for your business. And, keep it going with Statusbrew.


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Tarni Khurana

Content writer at Statusbrew. Wordsmith and an amateur artist.

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