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The content recycler is now available for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. You can now create content recyclers for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and repost content according to your posting categories.

Recently, after the release of our new feature of Multi Scheduling, we were amazed and overwhelmed with the way users had brought it to life. Various possibilities, multiple schedules, tweet setups, use cases took us by surprise.

What we realized was that a lot of users were re-posting same posts after a specific time intervals. These posts were like staple tweets sent across at different time intervals and interestingly it had a recurring pattern. Now, as a team that was intriguing, a quick call for a new addition and diversification.

But before that, Why Repost Your Content?

Amidst all the debate, confusion and argument, the benefits of reposting same Tweets across different time slots can not be undermined. Great marketers like Guy Kawasaki use automation tools to connect with their audience around the clock. Here’s a quick review as to why reposting the same content can be the biggest assets for social growth.

Why Repost

To Gain Momentum
Social Media is huge, huge enough to drown your one single post in the pool of noise. Recommendation? Recirculate your posts. Let us take an example here, if you are a blogger, you are likely investing around 6-8 hours for a single post. Ask yourself if it is worth being posted just once to be dumped in the graveyard later. Not really.Effective promotion is as important as effective writing.With channel such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, reposting is the answer.

To Drive Continuous Traffic
Every time you send out the same post, you are catering to a different audience. The rule only gets defied if you have followers who are glued to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn 24*7, which of course is not the case. So, each time a post would get different retweets, shares, comments and likes. As a result, you encircle a different portion of your social audience every time. So, reposting the same post is nowhere redundant or offensive for your audience, rather it is responsive and productive across all Social Networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.

To Discover your Sweet-Spot
I say this pretty often because social media is about uniqueness. Yes, we have great strategies, plans, workarounds, but at the end of day you must tailor it according to your requirement.Posting a same post after specific intervals in different timezones would allow you to gauge audience behavior and analyze your content performance.

So, How about Recycling your Posts?

Statusbrew knows the value of your content which is why we bring you the feature of Post Recycler

Based on the play of strategy, ideation and constant promotion, it allows user you stay connected with their audience around the clock. Known to strike better interactions and user engagement, this feature allows you reuse posts in a cycle so that you can serve a variety of content over time with the thought of recirculating it over time.

  • You can add different flavors to your Content strategy by creating a variety of cycles such as Quotes cycle, Blogs cycle, Promotion cycle, Images cycle and the list goes on.
  • You can circulate your indexed posts on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin such as a Sign up Post, promotional Content by scheduling it in Post Recycler through a week.
  • You can reach greater audience by connecting with different users in different timezones through pre-set Schedules
  • You can gauge audience response for each Post that you send out using our Reporting section.
    Post Recycler

Let us break the myth

Automation is not artificial.
It is as real as any other post you send out on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn; the only difference is you do it with smartness. Not everybody has same social media habits of reading and browsing. Few are early morning readers while others might check their wall at night.The idea is to target maximum of your audience with a variety of posts.

So if you are *a blogger, a photographer, a motivational speaker, a marketer or somebody *who is into posting videos, webinars or podcasts, this feature is a complete time-saver, a strategy builder and could be one of your favorite feature barrel rolling at Statusbrew.


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