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Post Recycler, as we discussed in our previous blog post, can be one of the most effective ways to gather a consistent audience response and build interactions. Practically speaking, a single post on Twitter can never target audience to the fullest. Considering the nature of audience on web- their diverse social media habits, different time zones, you are bound to miss a good portion.

Therefore, reposting a set of Tweets in a circle can be an effective way to reach a larger audience. In fact, great marketers like Guy Kawasaki, a former chief evangelist of Apple makes use of such strategy to manage his Social Media presence. He recycles the Tweets of his blog posts almost four times each, to hit users in different time zones. Result- better engagement, greater response and a significant reach.

Our new feature, Post-Recycler, is built keeping this social strategy in mind. It allows users to create their own cycle of Tweets and then recycle it over a period of time. The aim is to maximize social reach and gather more audience.

Learn the benefits of Reposting your posts on Twitter

From Bloggers to freelancers, from Marketers to Entrepreneurs, every user can create a cycle of Tweets of their important content such as podcasts, webinar episodes, screencasts at YouTube or a blog post. This helps users to push their favorite set of Tweets in Post Recycler and stay connected with audience at all times.

How Post Recycler Works?

Step 1

Login to your Statusbrew account. Choose the Publish section for your Twitter profile connected on the Dashboard.

Step 2

Choose the Schedule option from the menu and create a New Schedule - 'Tokyo Weekdays'. You can select the days and add different posting times to it. Hit the Save Button.

Create Schedule

Step 3

Create a new Tweet cycle by filling in the title and adding description details (optional). Next, pick the Schedule you just created from the Schedule Tab. This will enable the Tweets to automatically sync with the time added in the Schedule. The user here names the Recycler- SB Marketing Conference and picks the schedule 'Tokyo Weekdays'.

Create Post Recycler

Step 4

Now add Tweets. These Tweets would automatically sync with the Schedule selected above.

Tweets In Post Recycler

This list of Tweets would automatically get recycled as per the time specified in the Schedule. Based on your strategy, you can create different Tweet cycles. For example, a marketer could create different Tweet cycles such as Promotion Tweet cycle, Blog Post Cycle, Podcast Cycle, Tech Tips cycle etc.

Done! So, once you activate the Tweet cycle, you can simply sit back and relax. Your posts would automatically get Tweeted at the Scheduled time. The Tweets would keep flowing in a circle as long as the Tweet cycle remains active.

Tip: To make your posts look more interactive. You can recreate a same post with a different image and a Tweet and add it to a Tweet cycle for recycle. This not only boosts interactivity, but is also known to yield better results.

Anybody can send out a Tweet, but the art is not to get lost in the pool of noise. Tweeting with a strategy could never get easier than this. Follow theses three easy steps- Create, Tweet and Recycle to build your own effective Tweet strategy. No reminders, No formatting , No delays, just great Tweets to get you going around the clock.

Learn How to Strategise your performance on Twitter using Post-Recycler


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