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The Internet is huge! Thanks to Google and other search engines, it does not take us a lifetime to search something. Still, searching exactly something that you want to read or share, takes a considerable amount of time.

To reduce this time even further, RSS was introduced. RSS solves this problem very easily. It provides you with the feed of only the content that you want to read, Content Suggestions in short. You can subscribe to different websites that you like and stay updated with the content that they publish.

When it comes to Social Media, you prefer sharing the content that you like to read. Sure, we have our browser extension that will accompany you all over the internet, but wouldn’t it be so much easier if you didn’t even have to visit the website?

Some people call it making you lazy. We call it making you efficient.

Introducing Statusbrew’s Content Suggestions

We’ve made Statusbrew your personalized Content Feed. You can add multiple sources and have a never-ending supply of quality content to share with your Audience.

Here’s how Statusbrew’s Content Suggestions will make you a pro at social sharing:

An Endless supply of curated and quality content

Statusbrew's Content Suggestion

Based on your content strategy, you can add multiple sources that your audience reads. This will help you spend less time on scrawling the web and selecting the content that you should share according to what you have planned. It’s as easy as closing your eyes and selecting any piece of content.

Filter Content by Feeds for social scheduling

Statusbrew's Content Suggestions

You can filter content based on the feeds that you have added. Based on the days of the week, you can add specific sources and select only that content that fits your needs and the ones that your audience would be happy to share.

Team-Work all the way

Opinions matter in a team. You can create posts from the content in the RSS feeds, set it for review. Everyone in your team can collaborate on creating and publishing content on multiple Social Networks.

You can add numerous feeds and your moderator can select the type of content to post and your editors can create appropriate captions for all the posts along with the images from the designer.

Your team members can also see the scheduled posts in the Calendar View and get an idea about your posting strategy.

Pool your Content (in beta)

Planning everything will make your life easy. You can plan all your posts based on the content in the feeds and from the content that you will have in your content pool. Creating a customized feed of deliverable content was never easier.

Don’t let the engagement die

Creating a fabulous post takes time. And it would be shame to publish it just once. We’ve got you covered here. Plus, you won’t run out of images to post with our Media Library or even better, our Content Pool.

We’re creating much more to make publishing super convenient for you. In future, you will get already curated content from topics of your interest. Your Social Media publishing will be intelligent and intuitive without asking you to do much effort.

Create and schedule more personalized content with Statusbrew at the speed of Social Media.


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