Connect With The Right People

Statusbrew provide you a lot of features that will help you connect with right people easily.

Analyze Your Competitors

This is our most powerful feature. You can add a competitor account and you can look at how your competitor is doing on twitter. We track your competitor followers and unfollowers and people who they follow and unfollow. Keeping a close eye on competitor is great to analyze their social media strategies. You can visualize where your competitors followers are located and how many of them are real and active.

analyze competitors

Compare Users

Our comparison function let you compare between different users (@source_user and @target_user ).

  • Get users who follows @source_user and @target_user
  • Get users who follow @source_user but not @target_user
  • Get users who follows @target_user but not @source_user
  • Get users who @source_user and @target_user both follows
  • Get users who @source_user follows but @target_user doesn't
  • Get users who @target_user follows but @source_user doesn't
  • Get users who @source_user follows and they follow @target_user
  • Get users who @target_user follows and they follow @source_user
  • Users @source_user and @target_user follows and they follow back

Using these options you may want to follow the common followers between your competitors. People your competitors are following and you don't follow and other endless possibilities.

get users


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