Important Twitter Policy Updates and Changes
In accordance with the recent changes in Twitter's Developer Agreement and Policy and Automation Rules, we will be taking down and updating some of the features in our application.
Announcing Statusbrew Affiliate Program
Ever since we launched Statusbrew, our community members have inquired about an Affiliate Program that they could join. For those who are new to Affiliate Marketing and Affiliate Programs, the idea is that we’ll pay you for the new customers you bring in. The people who sign up using your link will also get incentives.The constant changes in the marketing dynamics always call for a new and a fresh way to allow people to increase the productivity of their business and their personal band. Keeping this in mind, we hereby announce the Statusbrew Affiliate Program. 
#BetterAmritsar : A Social Drive For A Cleaner Amritsar
Businesses have a big impact on the society that surrounds them, and the best way to make this impact positive is to contribute to a Social Cause. Although we aren’t an NGO, we try to approach the CSR strategically, recognizing the symbiosis between businesses and society here at Amritsar, and living on the values, both internally and externally. With the initiative of two of our core members Michelle and Rishabh, we could 'Give Back to our Society', by organizing our first ever cleanliness social drive under the name #BetterAmritsar.
Important Update On Statusbrew For Instagram

With effect from December 11 2016, we will be taking down some of the features from within the Audience section of the Statusbrew app.

New Statusbrew Pricing Plans

Providing solutions that enable individuals, teams, businesses and almost everyone to maximise ROI on social networks is not enough. We need to empower teams and businesses of all scales and complexities to be able to employ Statusbrew platform to its full potential.

A New Way To Sign-in On Statusbrew
We are excited to share with our users a new way to sign-in to their Statusbrew accounts on mobile. Customers always form the core of our values that drive us to build for them a rich user experience. Signing in into the app is where their journey begins and we want that first step to be as smooth and easy, while adhering to the highest security standards so that users’ Statusbrew accounts never get into wrong hands and are always protected.
Double The Awesomeness At Half The Price
We are excited to extend you the awesomeness of our mobile subscription plan - Aviator at a truly amazing price. You can now purchase the Aviator subscription plan for both the iOS and Android at an incredibly low price of US$ 49.9 when purchased annually and US$ 9.99 per month. This plan brings you the same set of features at an even better price. In our upgraded premium plan, you can perform the following actions:
Social Brewmasters At Statusbrew
Hello Folks, Welcome to Statusbrew! Your complete social media management station. We ensure to deliver the best of social management growth hacks at Statubrew. Our team works around the clock at their own stations to ensure they brew the best social concoction for you. Well, did I tell you before that we have different stations and our expert social brewmasters dedicatedly working for your social well-being.
Values At Statusbrew
Our journey from Unfollowers to Statusbrew has been enriching and a great experience. We have grown and multiplied so beautifully over the years. What stayed constant over this period of transformation is our set of values- values that bind us together, hold us in our tough times and give a light of solution when things seem downhill. These values are based on our workmanship and our working environment at Statusbrew.
Rebranding - Reliving The Birth Of Your Brand
We take actions whenever our business needs. One of the most efficient strategy that any business owner and his team could plan at any time, for sharing the uplifted feeling for being better than before, is Rebranding. The process of Rebranding consists of various business development characteristics such as: