Community Understanding Is Key To Growth And Development

More often than not, you would have heard the term Community Resource Management at Statusbrew, previously, Unfollowers. This comes as a pack of quintessential features for growth and management at our social station. One’s community (followers and following) is a great asset for building traffic and improving social reach. Studying the structure and layers of community, and then building a follow-up on its basis can help users to understand the key elements required in one’s growth and management. There isn’t a common formula for growth for all social profiles. In fact, what works in my profile growth might not work in your case. Therefore, the idea is to understand the buildup of one’s own communit, and then create a unique follow-up plan. We at Statusbrew group all these growth pointers under the social menu of Community Resource Management.

One of the basic features for boosting your followers and improving followers/following ratio is Copy Followers Feature where you can copy users from a specific profile on Twitter/Instagram. From here, we move a step ahead in our Source Feature where you can apply Filters in a specific use case and streamline who to follow from the available list of users. Growth is likely to happen with optimum usage of these features but beyond growth, what is essential is management of social profile.

This is where Tags come into picture. A quick run through your profile wouldn’t be a hassle if you have a limited number of followers, however as your community grows, it becomes problematic to search for an apt user in the list. Tags allow you to segment and organise your community in different sections so that you can always come back and refer to the tags for convenience and follow-up. You can also enable Auto-Tagging where users automatically get tagged in Source and Copy Feature.Through Tags you can also monitor your growth and keep an eye on conversion rate for different tags. This insight can help you build a proper well-defined community where growth is as well defined as its source.

Learn how Source Feature is an advanced version of Copy Followers Feature.

The goodness at our social station doesn’t end here. We understand that not all followers in your community are of same nature, nor you have same level of interaction with every follower. That is where ‘Add-On’ Features at Statubrew comes to life. For instance, you can whitelist all your followers whom you would never want to delete not even accidentally or mute all the noisy users who you think tweet more often than required or read. The social station is filled with all such Extra Features to bring more functionality and utility to your community.

For timely interaction with your audience and effective tweet scheduling, brew your first post with us at Statusbrew. Learn more.


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