Clean Up Your Social Clutter At The Onset Of 2016

There is no doubt in saying that we all work a lot for the whole year for our good living and professional growth. It is much obvious that wherever work is done, there you can easily find clutter. Even if you are so fond of cleanliness and you always try to keep everything around clean and clear, still the clutter takes its place in some or the other way. Clutter can also appear in the form of negative thinking and dead relationships. People believe that clutter attracts negativity and create blocks in every good task or moment. That is a big reason that in India, people completely clean up their houses and stores, whitewash and re-paint them before the coming of any big festival like Diwali, Holi, Christmas, etc.

Many spiritual saints have said that clutter free space brings the fortune of goodness and luck. Moreover it also keeps the atmosphere divine and the people residing inside healthy and happy. Along with your personal life, same conditions are applicable on your social life as well. If there are so many things you have on your workstation, in your room or in your gadgets, which are organised but not in use, do count them in clutter as well. So, there is no fun of keeping such things and blocking so much of necessary space that can be well utilised later.

Now If I have convinced you a little bit and you are really making up your mind to clean up the clutter, this is a perfect time as the new year is just about to fall. Leave all you clutter in the bye bye box of 2015 and step in the year 2016 with a mess free personal and social life.

Why Cleaning Up Your Social Dirt?

I must tell you that more than half of your life is running social. So clutter is clutter as I said, can be anywhere. So..why not to clean up all the clutter from deep inside your gadget memories, years old e-mails and inactive accounts over the internet. Don’t take stress worrying about how you would do all that in such short time.

Simply follow the given below easy steps to make a clutter free social space of yours in 2016

Give The First Clean Up To Your Working Desk

You social life starts either from your mobile or your working desk, where you keep your desktop or laptop to work. Take out all the outdated magazines, newspapers as well as useless papers and old sticky notes from your work desk. Clean your desk as well as your system nicely with a duster and just keep only the necessary things on the table. The things that won’t be a reason from distraction. Keep the remaining things like stationery, letterheads in a managed way in the drawers of your desk. Keep a notepad and a nice pen, text-liner, pencil etc in a pen-holder and have a productive working.

Turn On Your System And Clean Offline

Working online brings a lot of data that you save for the need of time or to use it later. But saving more and more files with the passage of time completely eat up your system memory. So delete the unwanted files from the folders existing in all the drives and desktop.Open your trash once and have a fast look over all the dumped data just in case you want to recover any file. Once you done that, empty your trash completely.

Start Your Online Cleaning With Your Mailboxes

Do you really read all of your emails regularly? I don’t think so. It is quite easy to keep the important emails only with you by removing the unwanted ones with the help of filters. So clearing the old and junk emails with lots and lots of advertisements from your inbox and spam will not only save your time and energy but would also make you more focused in your work. Try to keep a regular check on emails whenever you get little bit of time. That would help you to keep the best and ignore the rest.

How About The Social Cleanup Via Unfollowers

Just like your mailboxes, your social profiles also need a clean up. How about removing all the fake, inactive, ghost profiles from your social world. You can sort out profiles and make room for new followers through Filters. Infact now it becomes even more easy to organise your list of followers according to your interest and user type through Tags. After you finish up with this part of cleaning you would surely be feeling that your social accounts are ready to welcome new guests again.

Does Your Phone’s Notification Ruin Your Peace Of Mind

This used to happen with me most of the time. You actually get annoyed when every breaking news hit your mind from the news applications you have installed or when every message get delivered to you through various apps. In fact you get rapid notifications of every summer, winter and autumn sale via e-commerce applications. This is too much to distract our focus and consume all the phone battery. Just enable the important notifications and ignore the rest. This would surely make you feel mentally relaxed.

Refresh your social profiles

If it’s really been so long that you haven’t change your profile pic on your social networking profile, now is the time for that. Replace your old display with a beautiful new image of yours and also update your bio if you required. Don’t forget to change the cover images and headers as well. Showcase the best of you through your profile. Not just you but your friends also would love this change.


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