Case Study: Jason Gordon from Strong Social

How 'Strong Social' manages vast Social Media Content Publishing and generates 50+ Qualified Leads/Day from Social Monitoring


With over 150 profiles across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google+, both for their brand and their clients-- and over 6000 posts scheduled through Statusbrew at any given time; How does a small team manage this large quantum of content and qualifies 50+ leads by moderating the replies on their social posts. We talk with Jason Gordon, CEO Strong Social.

JasonGordon from StrongSocial

" Like a Cheat Code, but for our Social Media Agency."

-- Jason Gordon, Founder & CEO, Strong Social and Strong Content


In an already saturated market of professional content writing services, Jason wanted to create a distinction by offering their clients with an additional service to run and manage their social media campaigns to promote the very content he was creating for those clients. For this, Jason needed a solution which offers an effective workflow for his team (for close to nil error probability) and a real time-saving way to moderate any to all comments and DMs across all of these profiles. Moreover, a bonus idea was an ability to also give view-only access to each client for just their set of profiles. For all this, he made use of 4-5 services together before discovering Statusbrew.


Jason loves that his content moderators can upload and send for approval up to 400 unique posts with a single CSV file along with unique images and posting times for their social media campaigns. The links are shortened automatically according to the set campaigns, and he’s able to track all of the results under the Statusbrew’s content performance reports. Once approved by the Editor, he can view them all in Statusbrew’s calendar view and keep an achieve of when they’re each posted across the vast number of social profiles. Each client’s profiles are a part of a different group in Statusbrew with which gives unique access to the required team members for content curation, campaign management, social monitoring and the particular client itself, taking care of the privacy of each client.

With Statusbrew’s Engage, every comment, mention or reply on each post or a DM on any profile was easily tracked, group-wise with zero confusion. The social monitoring team has the ability to leave Notes on a reply or a contact for the rest of the team to pick up the conversations from there. Tricky replies can be assigned to the clients for them to reply directly in the most personalized way. Due to real-time sync for Engage powered by our Slack integration, Jason’s team is able to monitor and reply to the prospects in no time which helped them generate over 50+ qualified leads per day by hitting the spot, right on time. The qualified leads are tagged daily accordingly and exported for the sales team to close the deals.

Onboarding everyone onto a single unified platform has helped Strong Social to triple its marketing efforts and cut short the effort by fourfold, giving them a record-breaking 12X Growth.
Strong Social’s team and clients save time logging into Statusbrew, for a smooth butter workflow, for the best and most effective communication which drove the results.


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