Why Building A Customer Success Team Was Necessary For Us

Customer Success is a new discipline that brings together the business functions involved in post-sales processes in Software as a Service (SaaS) companies. The growth of a SaaS applications is driving an emphasis on product adoption, usage, and churn - because it’s easier than ever for the customers to switch services at the time of subscription renewal. Your best bet to avoid this is to keep your customers happy with your product. If they’re happy they’ll use it, renew it, buy additional products and provide insightful feedback. After all, it’s customers who keep the companies in business.

Why Customer Success?

We at Statusbrew focus on building a product that customers would love, along with the best customer support. As our customer base increased, the customer support team was starting to become overwhelmed with the multitude of responsibilities it held. It took them nearly 6-9 hours daily to reply to the support queries. Due to the high flux of queries each day, they could only solve the problems the customers were facing but in no way suggest or up-sell them with better solutions we could offer them.

Seeing this problem, we understood that we needed something in place for all post-sales work with our customers. It became our top priority to create a team that would ensure that customers were being taken care of. This is where our Customer Success Team was born.

How our Customer Success Team works?

We measure our Customer Success on the customer retention and satisfaction, renewal revenue, up-sells/cross-sells along with keeping in check time spent and operating efficiency. This is started by shifting the support queries of unhappy premium customers from the Customer Support team to the Customer Success team. Their aim was to identify the key points which made these users unhappy and caused churn.

We wanted the Customers to have one point-of-contact that is dedicated to their success throughout their entire lifecycle with our product. And by creating this, it helped us in understanding the need of our customers and help them use our features to accomplish and exceed their own goals. For the same reason, the Customer Success team spends a lot of energy to communicate the customer's needs to the entire team.

To function efficiently and intelligently, we made use of various systems that enabled the Customer Success team in organizing the workflow right from the point of a subscription till the time of renewal, some of which included:

  • CRM (e.g. Salesforce) for constantly following up with the customers for offering trials which gradually lead to up-selling,
  • Helpdesk (e.g. Zendesk) to tend to the queries,
  • In-app messaging (e.g. Intercom) for a more powerful instant resolution to their needs,
  • Video conferencing (e.g. Skype, Gotomeeting) for product demos and tutorials.

Keeping customer happiness at the top, all the efforts are directed towards increasing the customer retention and premium conversions, which in turn benefits us by lowering the churn rate.

In addition to using these tools together, Customer Success also prepared reporting and analytics for the Content Writing team to understand and recommends strategic content options depending on company goals.

By making use of all these efforts, we were successful in reducing our Churn Rate by 20% at the end of last quarter.


Customer Success at Statusbrew is still new, and we are always iterating to make it better. As we continue to scale, we know that there will be recurrent pains to overcome. How the Customer Success team currently operates might change significantly in the near future. We don’t view Success team as a 'cost center' but more as an 'investment' in the long-term health of our organization. Keeping our vision open, as long as we continue to provide extraordinary value to our customers, we believe that the future is bright.

If you have any suggestions on how can we make our customers happy or you have a perfect example we could learn from, we would love to hear it in the comments below.


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Tushar Mahajan

CEO Statusbrew
  • Tokyo, Japan

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