Bring Your Team Onboard At Statusbrew

As we take steps to move to our new social station, we also make room for your organization on board at Statusbrew where you can add members who can assist you on growth and management of various social network accounts.

Team Management Feature is of great utility for social media managers who manage multiple accounts for different companies and MNCs. At Statusbrew, we understand the unique and independent nature of your organizations and social networks pinned on it. Therefore, you can now allocate team members each with a specific level of access and responsibility to an organization. Other way round, in case you are a social media manager, you can simply recommend your client to add his social network account on an organization board and give you the access to manage community or post or tweets etc.

This feature comes handy for all social media planners and enthusiasts who keep a keen eye on monitoring growth and improvement of social accounts across various platforms. Let us have a quick review of how things work here:

Every member has a unique dashboard where you can pin one or multiple organizations. In organizations, you can add - Social networks, and Team Members for growth management and assistance. Each team member has a unique level of access to the board which is decided by the board owner. You can revoke access of the team members at any point of time.

Scheduling along with team members can be a great way to boost your interaction with audience

How Organization Board Works For Team Members?

Create an Organization

Here, I'm giving you the example of an organization that we have created for our in-house use at Statusbrew.

The organization name is Marketing and as you can see the option of Members is available on the Top Bar. All the social network accounts are pinned on the organization board.

Add Team Members

Upon selecting the option of the members, you will have this screen. Here you can send an invite to the team member by filling-in his relevant email ID Also, you must select the role you wish to assign to the team member.

By default, we have created 4 roles:

  1. Owner: Who has the complete access to the organization board just like the real owner himself.
  2. Admin: Being an Administrator, a team member can manage team members as well as social accounts.
  3. Analyst: Looks over the community functioning.
  4. Writer: As the name suggests, can only create posts on behalf of the account owner.

You can also customize the roles of a team member by selecting the specific option from the Checklist. Once selected, you can notify the team member through an email. Also, all team members can only view the board based on the level of permission granted to them.

The whole idea of bringing team members on board is to provide flexibility and assistance to users. In case, an account owners wants to outsource his Community Section of the the account, he can do so simply by granting a team members the access to the Community Section.

Drill down community insights with graphical brewery to know the core structure of your audience

Team Member Feature is great for assistance, social growth and effective management. So, bring your team on board, assign them roles and see what brews at your social station at Statusbrew.


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