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The Key Metrics Your SaaS Business Should Measure

The SaaS metrics business model is unique from almost any other. Unlike enterprise software firms which rely on large, upfront fees to get quick returns, SaaS business model relies on small amounts of recurring revenues. For the same reason, SaaS companies need to pay ultra-close attention to metrics that show...

Announcing Statusbrew Affiliate Program

Ever since we launched Statusbrew, our community members have inquired about an Affiliate Program that they could join. The constant changes in the marketing dynamics always call for new and fresh ways to allow people increase the productivity of their businesses and personal brands. Keeping this in mind, we hereby...

#BetterAmritsar : A Social Drive For A Cleaner Amritsar

When we talk about our visions and strategies, we refer to the core values which help us shape individual behavior and the expectations we have about how we work and interact together. These values should not only be limited to an organization’s internal working, as we believe, businesses have...