How To Avoid Getting Blocked By Instagram

Instagram has just tightened the loop for all the spammers and fake accounts. Therefore, all the users who are trying to grow their account with too many follow/unfollow actions might face a trouble. There are chances that an account might get disabled or temporarily blocked from performing activities. Sadly, in a few cases Instagram might not even give a warning before blocking the account.

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How to Avoid the Trap?

Post Regularly

One of the foremost reasons for Instagram being such a hit is the very nature of the social networking medium.You must post pictures on Instagram and mind you it is regular posting that counts. An active display of social profile can generally save you from getting blocked.

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Complete your Instagram Profile

This is very important. Add a little bio in your profile. Also,make sure you have a real display picture. This brings authenticity to your profile.

If you're new to Instagram

If you are new to Instagram, make sure you post for yourself, before you start following other profiles. Generally a good round of start includes posting pictures regularly, may be for 2-3 days after regular intervals, for you never know Instagram might just pick up and block you for not posting enough.

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Do not Ignore Community Guidelines

So, if you are an Instagram fan, make sure you go through their Community Guidelines as well. Abiding to these guidelines can help you play safe at Instagram

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Perform moderate actions

Now, this is really important and one of the major reasons for users getting their accounts blocked or disabled. Keep your follow/unfollow actions under moderation. Bulk actions might be considered aggressive and in turn trigger spam which might disable your account and in worst cases you might also get temporarily blocked. So, make sure you keep a watchful eye on how you follow/unfollow people.

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In Case, you are already Blocked

Edit your Bio

Go to your profile and make a little change in your bio, may be a word or a comma here and there and save it. This might enable your account and save you from any further hassles. However, do not play with your bio by editing and reediting it. That might aggravate the trouble, therefore, do it once and wait for things to settle.

This can be helpful

In some cases, all you need to do is give some rest to your account. Try login after some time such as 24 hours. This helps restore your account.
Instagram, too knows the pain of a disabled account user. They have specially created this Help Page for disabled users. Visit the page once. You never know if the solution is right there waiting for you.

Clean and Reinstall

Try this as a last resort, unfortunately you would have to clean all your previous Instagram data and uninstall the app. Install the app after sometime and see if it helps.

I hope this helps you sail through the barrier at Instagram. Just make sure you try to perform actions in moderation. Bulk actions, too many follow/unfollow in a single stance can land you in trouble.


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