Announcing Statusbrew Affiliate Program
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Announcing Statusbrew Affiliate Program

Statusbrew helps you unlock the power of social media to connect with people who matter

Ever since we launched Statusbrew, our community members have inquired about an Affiliate Program that they could join.

The constant changes in the marketing dynamics always call for new and fresh ways to allow people increase the productivity of their businesses and personal brands. Keeping this in mind, we hereby announce the Statusbrew Affiliate Program

For those who are new to Affiliate Marketing and Affiliate Programs, the idea is that we’ll pay you for the new customers you bring in. The people who sign up using your link will also get incentives.

Whether you are a Network Marketer, a Small Business Owner or a Blogger, the wealth of tools and features available in our Affiliate Marketing Program will help you to be successful in increasing your revenue potential.

Statusbrew’s Affiliate Program

It’s simple, just Sign-up for a free Statusbrew Affiliate account and we’ll provide you with a unique Affiliate Link to send your referrals through. Any referral, who lands up on our website through your link, signs up and subscribes any of our Premium plans for at least 3 months, earns you straight $25. There’s no cap. The more referral conversions, the more you earn.
And what do your referrals get? A lifetime 20% discount.

Our affiliate program is built and managed by our in-house affiliate team. Through our single dashboard, you can track your clicks and earnings, making it very simple for you to manage your marketing progress.

 For detailed information download Statusbrew Affiliate Program: Getting Started Guide.

That’s it. Click here to get started! We’re here to help you succeed in your marketing efforts and we look forward to building a mutually beneficial partnership with you!