Analyze Your Twitter Community

Statusbrew is an easy and efficient way to manage your twitter and instagram account. We provide a lot of features that help you grow your social network and you will learn everything on how to better use those network and target right customers. Our tools are targeted for everyone, whether you are a new twitter user, a twitter enthusiast or a small Business to large Company.
We provide a lot of features that you can make use of to understand and grow your network.

Daily Analytics

Unfollowers stats page is a beautiful and easy way to understand your social network growth. It will give you a day to day change in your followers and people you follow. You can use that to keep track of your social media strategies.

daily analytics

Insights About Your Community (Followers and Following)

We provide you an easy graphical way to understand your community and find potential users to target.

insights about community

Filtering And Sorting Users And Finding The Right People To Target

Our internal filters and sort mechanism gives you a lot of possibilities to choose from.

  • Insights about your followers - filtering them out by their follower counts, tweet/day counts etc
  • Inactive followers, Fake followers
  • Filtering by Zombie level
  • Don’t follow back list
  • Fans: People who follow you and you don’t followback

filters and sort

Combining our filters with our graphical way. You can find users that are "active", live in same timezone as you and have less than 2000 followers. These potential followers have a higher chance of reading your tweet.

Give Unfollowers a try.


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Tushar Mahajan

CEO Statusbrew
  • Tokyo, Japan

Connect With The Right People

Statusbrew provide you a lot of features that will help you connect with right people easily. Analyze Your Competitors This is our most powerful feature. You can add a competitor account and you can look at how your competitor is doing on twitter. We track your competitor followers and unfollowers...