Advance Your Twitter Search

Advance Your Twitter Search

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Each time our team comes up with a feature update, we consistently ask ourselves if this is really going to make user's life easy and if it is really better than before. In fact, each new update is a boiling pot of additions, revisions and revisions. Source Account Feature is the outcome of one such experimentation. Copy Followers feature is a complete feature in its own, but we knew with innovation and a few additions, we could take this feature to a next level, and that is pretty much how much Source Account Feature developed to its form.
Source Account Feature comes as an advanced version of Copy Followers Feature where you grow and develop with a strategy rather than relying on generic list of Followers/Following. Unfollowers allows user to dig deep with logic and reason….
This is how and why Source Account Feature becomes a personal favourite of content and product specialist out there.

Set A Criteria

Source Account Feature helps user to set a criteria to limit the section of search. We understand that screening a profile can not simply be limited to somebody’s Followers/Following. Therefore, this feature moves a step forward and displays other important lists as well. Besides Followers and Following list, you can also view Fans and Mutual Followback. In case, you want to develop a strong customer base, make sure you interact with the users' Mutual Followback list. This list reveals the maximum interaction area, the user has interacted with his followers…

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Source Account Feature offers following options under Criteria list: - Fans - Not Following Back - Mutual Followback - New Followers/Unfollowers

Apply Filters

Filters add much needed streamlining to the selected criteria. It eliminates all unwanted profiles from the list so that a user can simply work upon the targeted list. Therefore, instead of viewing all the profiles and their bio details, you can select appropriate filters from the list and make sure you only have relevant list of users to pick from. For instance, a user sets a criteria to mutual followback and now he wants to view only public profiles which have a profile image and use English as their language. This list of users could easily be extracted from the source by setting appropriate Filters.

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Compare Your Profile To That of a Competitor

A lot of users ask if they could compare their Followers/Following to their competitors and know about common followers. Well, of course you can... Source Account Feature provides this unique data where you can find you common followers/following, track followers whom your source follows but you don’t. Studying this list of users is a unique way to decode the profile base of your competitor and learn how and with whom, the competitor is developing a strong relation.

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Growth Stats and Community Details

Statistical analysis of competitor’s data provide users with reasonably accurate, cost-effective snapshot of how competitor makes use of social media. The idea is to understand the pattern of followers/following. Proper analysis of this data can also lead to research and foregrounds of individual marketing strategies. Therefore, statistics provide objective goals and a directional plan to the team

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New Followers/Unfollowers Stats

One of the key indicators of fall and growth of a user profile on Twitter is through its new Followers/Unfollowers. These trends and their structural composition can be easily studied through The Followers/Unfollowers Stats. You can evaluate the composition of followers, fans, mutual followback through their timezones, their Url, profile images etc. These details clearly point out at competitor’s strengths and growth patterns. A smart user would always try to extract the details of user base in order to build a strong community of his own.


At Unfollowers, we do acknowledge the value of a true source and after all a well explored source is the best source. If you have any queries, questions regarding this feature, please feel free to drop in a comment.