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Feature Focus: The New Statusbrew Publish

Diversify The Scope of Search On Twitter
"Do you feel like any of your friend from the similar work field has a better approach to his social network? Do you think like that is absolutely the key to their social success?" Maybe you feel he is having more sources that he can use for his business purposes or at the time of need. So what. We all have right to get in touch, interact or to be friends with like minded people, targeted customers etc whenever we wish to.
A Hard Look At Your Social Media Habits
The essence of social media is knowing your audiences and engaging them in something they like or love. "Do you remember when did you last review your social media posts? It has been really long. Is it?" So even if delayed, now is the time you could do that and it is necessary if you wish for the smooth survival and evolvement of your business. Today I would like to share about my social media habits that I follow to the core.
How Can Blogging Improve Business
Today’s world is basically on Internet as it is satisfying people in many ways who have engaged themselves to it. Therefore it has now become easy to reach people through the web world. Why do you need to reach people now? Of Course, for the sake of business growth and its success. So, the easiest source that connects your business to its potential customers is through Blogging.
Location Filter - Friendly Tool for Well Refined Search
"Searching for something and then getting it all of a sudden gives a wonderful feeling." Isn’t it ? For sure, but sometimes the hardest part of searching someone or something over the internet via social media is figuring out how to express your thoughts by words. One of the efficient medium of getting accurate information is through Twitter as it is quick enough in breaking the media headlines and in generating results in real time.
Four Essentials For An Entrepreneur
With all the buzz going around ‘Entrepreneur Trend’, I’m sure each one of you have already read or heard about it somewhere or the other. There has been an age old debate if Entrepreneurs are born or made. Well, a part of it is always inborn and true to the fact, a lot of things can be inculcated. Looking at the great success stories in the field of entrepreneurship, we today discuss about the 4 essential skills that can be learnt and further developed to become an endearing entrepreneur
What Is Your Happiness Score At Work?
I still remember the days when job was about giving half of your life to a desk and burning both the ends to meet the deadlines. Today work culture has undergone a complete renovation. It is much beyond a '9 to 5' job. Employees don't simply look work but satisfaction beyond work- It is about your work space, interrelationship with co-workers, a healthy environment which inspires you to hit the floor every morning with energy and zest to do great tasks at job.
Advertisement Just Died a Silent Death... Is It?
So, it was not up until recently, I was out to shop for a handbag. I went to a few stores, didn’t like much so gave up the idea. But what happens next? This shoulder bag stalked me like my own shadow- at my work, at my playstation, at my coffee- everywhere. It finally broke all my barriers of patience and I had to block it!
Empowering The Best Customers
“The key to every successful business is the Customer Satisfaction.” Whenever you get positive feedback from your regular and satisfied customers, that indicates the growing opportunities of transforming leads into potential customers. Though in today’s world, online shopping is rapidly growing, leading ahead of the offline business and badly dropping the sales of the high street stores but even then every customer is equally important for a business and so is empowerment of the customers.
Advance Your Twitter Search
Each time our team comes up with a feature update, we consistently ask ourselves if this is really going to make user's life easy and if it is really better than before. In fact, each new update is a boiling pot of additions, revisions and revisions. Source Account Feature is the outcome of one such experimentation.
A Six-Step Plan To Twitter Growth
Administering startups and company profiles through Twitter can be a serious challenge for people who aim at developing a strong community of their own. Things might seem organised and easy to operate at an initial level; however as one prospers it becomes a serious question as to how can community be effectively organised and at the same time be able to grow and prosper.
How Can Tags Bring About Efficiency
Recently, while replying to users in the support mail, I realised that one of the most potential tools at Unfollowers remain hidden and unexplored. In fact, a lot of users even suggested us to have a feature like that. That is precisely the reason for today’s blog. As reported by Adweek, nearly 70 percent of small businesses thrive on Twitter.
Disconnect To Connect
1970’s- hockey, cricket, soccer, chess were the favourite kiddo games. They enjoyed playing hide and seek, reading storybooks in groups. It was the Age of Wisdom. 2000’s- children still prefer the same set of games, but with a slight change in the playground, the playground which has shifted from the open to the Apple and Google Play store. There’s a lot of hiding and yet a world out there - seeking, sharing, liking and retweeting. Welcome to the World of Digital Obsession, the Age of Information and Communication.

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