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Feature Focus: The New Statusbrew Publish

Values At Statusbrew
Our journey from Unfollowers to Statusbrew has been enriching and a great experience. We have grown and multiplied so beautifully over the years. What stayed constant over this period of transformation is our set of values- values that bind us together, hold us in our tough times and give a light of solution when things seem downhill. These values are based on our workmanship and our working environment at Statusbrew.
Rebranding - Reliving The Birth Of Your Brand
We take actions whenever our business needs. One of the most efficient strategy that any business owner and his team could plan at any time, for sharing the uplifted feeling for being better than before, is Rebranding. The process of Rebranding consists of various business development characteristics such as:
Our Transformation From Unfollowers To Statusbrew
Unfollowers was a little sapling that surfaced on web 5 years ago by a graduate who tried to figure out the real play behind the followers/unfollowers count. Of course, reaching a mark of thousands of followers over a month is no magic but isn’t less either. Ignited by market forces, he went on to learn more about it and discovered that there were actual tools on web that could help users boost their following. There were applications that were doing this and a part of him told him, he too could create something like that.
From “Unfollowers” To “Statusbrew” Family: The Journey Of Growth, Success And Happiness
WARNING: We understand that every branding and rebranding has a story to tell. Just in case you are wondering about our story- it isn’t a story. It is an experience lived not by one, but many of us from the team. So, people generally happen to ask about your whereabouts- where do you work and stuff like that? and we are like, “There is a digital startup- Unfollowers, I work with them.” And people are like,“U-N-F-O-L-L-O-W-E-R-S, what is that?”
Unfollowers Has A New Avatar :)
“Just when the Caterpillar thought, its world was about to get over, it became Butterfly” One of the most crucial decisions for a company ever is to metamorphosize its belief and ideas into a pictorial representation- logo. The logo of a company is like a speaking tree- depicting its values, beliefs and ideas.
The New Face Of Unfollowers
It’s been four years Unfollowers is doing hard to provide you the best social media management services. During this journey of four years, we have changed a lot in various aspects, whether they are features, customer support, publishing, social media interactions etc. Now, again the time has come for a new change and we are feeling immense pleasure in introducing you today with our new identity- Unfollower’s all new logo. Have a glimpse of it in the cover image of the blog. It’s a butterfly!
Clean Up Your Social Clutter At The Onset Of 2016
There is no doubt in saying that we all work a lot for the whole year for our good living and professional growth. It is much obvious that wherever work is done, there you can easily find clutter. Even if you are so fond of cleanliness and you always try to keep everything around clean and clear, still the clutter takes its place in some or the other way. Clutter can also appear in the form of negative thinking and dead relationships.
Drown In Music To Rise At Work
There are times at work when you are all exhausted in body and mind. You so wish there was something that could shake and reenergise the insides of you, pull you out of drudgery and place you amidst happiness and productivity.. If you thought there wasn’t a remedy, you must read ahead and discover your own recipe to it.
Take Your Business To Next Level With Social Media
There is no doubt in saying that social media is helping the individuals in respect of staying connected with friends and relatives, participating in various discussions, joining new communities over the web, sharing thoughts and information etc. But have you ever tested the possibilities of social media for your business ? Throwing some light from the business point of view, I must tell you that the essence of social media is knowing your audiences and and engaging them in something they love.
Instagram Has More Than Just Sharing Pictures To It
As we discussed in my previous blogs about the effective use of social media, today I thought of sharing about how we could make a better use of Instagram. Though it is quiet an interesting app but we leave so much of the application unexplored. I know some of you definitely use it as daily sharing app whereas some might be playing business over it. Many of you would be promoting their hidden talents through this app.
Dedicate Time To Have A Better Life On Twitter
“We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it. -Erik Qualman." Well, I read this quote somewhere and something knocked the window of my mind. As I felt like I have just opened the window, a hard blow of questions dropped inside my mind such as-
Discover The DNA Of Your Community Through Graphical Insights
Whether you run business or support a cause on Twitter, it is crucial to understand the build up of user community for establishing a strong network across social media. At Unfollowers, we understand the user need for in depth core analytics and a close observation of his Followers/Following list. So, finally after a lot of experiments and trials, we get to taste success and deliver the most efficient and productive analytics tools for social community on Twitter.

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