6 Surefire Tips To Increase Productivity On Social Media

Every business is about helping people and making profits. All businesses relate that to productivity but on Social Media, the meaning of productivity changes when you move to different Social Networks. With changing times and users, businesses and their strategies also have to adapt not just to keep up with the expectations of their customers but also be leaders and trendsetters. Your efforts on Social Media matter and a business needs to learn how to streamline these efforts and to increase productivity on Social Media.

Social Media Marketing is one way your business can aim to become a trendsetter. This is because marketing on Social Media is fast and because it will never go out of fashion. In simple words, Social Media Marketing is the use of one or more Social Networks to promote a product or a service. It requires careful planning and even more cautious execution. One thing that most businesses fail to understand is that it does not follow the one size fits all approach. Every Social Media channel follows a different dynamic.

There are 2 types of social media. The first one is about which we read in blogs and books. It’s nature is very predictable and can be understood by just putting a little effort in it. The other one on the contrary is a dynamic entity that changes patterns after no fixed intervals of time. Understanding and predicting these changes in Social Media trends requires a lot of effort. Social Media Marketing in general requires a lot of effort.

Businesses need to be aware of the second kind because of a simple reason because people use Social Media. Their choices change, their needs, demands and necessities change, so accordingly changes the Social Media trend. Understanding people and how they use a social network is specifically the point your business needs to be aware of. This is where things will make or break for your business. To capitalize on this would mean to increase productivity on Social Media efforts.

Every social network is an online reflection of the real world market. Ever since Social Media has been identified as a market with unmatched potential, all the businesses have made their way over there. In the current times, it is considered foolish to not have a presence online and it is rightfully so. On any Social Network, things happen faster than they do over emails or phone calls and this is where most businesses save valuable time and increase productivity.

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Time relates to productivity and to increase productivity you need to be efficient. Efficiency increases when a business dedicates its time to valuable tasks. The time that you save by using Social Media should be utilised in other domains like sales, building a community or even researching about new ways to increase productivity, which essentially means bettering your marketing strategy.

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A marketing strategy for any business has many components and Social Media Marketing is just one of many but nonetheless it is an important one. It is essential for viral growth of a business. Marketing on a social network is something that helps a small business or a startup cross a certain threshold and make its way towards becoming a brand.

A great example of this is how Growth Hacking works

To increase productivity, it requires constant work and discipline. On any social network, productivity doesn’t necessarily translate to being active, attentive and entertaining. It means different things on different Social Networks.

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6 Tips to Increase Productivity on Social Media

  1. Research about your Social Media Marketing Strategy
    You need be sure about your marketing approach. You need to create use cases and testing scenarios and narrow it down to the most viable strategy. Research is always important before you implement any action. Because you will have everything planned out, it will be easier to increase productivity of your business.

  2. Understand the Social Networks that your audience users
    Marketing on any social network is very different from traditional marketing. You need to be aware of how your potential customers are going to perceive your interactions with your existing users. You need to develop personas of your audience which will give you an understanding of how they will comprehend the use of your service.

  3. Make Social Media posts according to your niche
    Every Social Network specialises in a particular type of content. Know the specific type of content that your audience likes to engage with. This content is supposed to be worth the while of every person or profile that you are targeting on Social Media. This is where you will create an image for your business.

  4. Be aware of how your prospects use Social Media Platforms
    You require a good understanding of how your distribution and the medium is going to work. It is imperative to know what ‘adding value’ interprets to every Social Network that your audience uses.

  5. Increase productivity on social media from the right audience
    The Pareto principle if applied to marketing translates to, 80% of your revenue should come from 20% of your users or customers. In the domain of Social Media it is not very different from that. You need to connect with the right people that will increase your business’s reach on a Social Network. Influencer marketing is what you should be focusing on, in context to expanding your reach.

  6. Try different Call To Action examples
    On Social Media there should be little shame in asking people to do what you want them to do but do not confuse it with being blunt about it. Being subtle in this process is of paramount importance. Letting your users know that you will provide them with what they want is the commitment people demand from brands on Social Media.

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To increase productivity on Social Media doesn’t only come from using productivity apps. You need to put in dedicated effort and on Social Media that effort becomes even more demanding. This is what Statusbrew provides a solution to with a set of carefully compiled and integrated solutions to the Social Media efforts. Signup and try it.

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