5 Twitter Hacks To Grow Your Followers

Just be practical for a minute and accept that Twitter is a super amazing place to hang out on the internet because the flow of ideas and content just never stops. From my personal experience, I can tell you that it’s completely worth to spend some time to grow your followers on Twitter.

Improving your followers count on Twitter doesn’t mean that you must hit 1000 follow buttons on the first day. You must concentrate on organic growth on Twitter which takes a lot of time but at the same time, the reward is so strong — an unbreakable Social identity.

Understand and follow the Twitter limits or else there’s no way you could escape from falling into the spammy category. You should never do that.

Twitter has always been essential for Individuals, Brands and Businesses to depict their professionalism on the Internet as it helps them create a stronger audience and business presence online.
To make you more productive on Twitter, I am going to show you:-

5 Twitter Hacks to Grow Your Followers on Twitter.

  1. Update Twitter profile
  2. Get faster with keyboard shortcuts
  3. Use social media management tools
  4. Connect with big profiles and engage with their tweets
  5. Participate in Twitter chats

Let’s get started.

1. Update Twitter Profile

Your Twitter profile is a mirror of your personal brand, so you have to take care of everything that is in there from A to Z and beyond. Never forget to add a link to your Twitter profile like most of the people don't care to do. It can be your company’s URL, your personal blog, about.me, LinkedIn or Facebook URL or your YouTube channel.

Similarly, Your location plays a major role in knowing when you live and work. But what comes to you as a major responsibility is to have an appealing Twitter handle and Bio.

Your Twitter Handle

Statusbrew CEO @chiax on Twitter

Your Twitter handle should not be too long or complicated. It should sound professional, simple and clear. If you are representing your brand then frame your handle that suits your brand name.

If you are representing yourself then either put your first name or last name (you can add your full name if it’s simple and sweet), many Twitter profiles have their nickname as their Twitter handle. I think this is a good idea too.
If you already own a Twitter profile then it’s not too late to choose a Twitter handle and update it.

In my personal discussion with our CEO at Statusbrew, he conveyed that his goal reflects his Twitter Bio. Sometimes, it's important to present ourselves with a single phrase in order to deliver a clear picture of who we are and what we do.
Let's go ahead with Twitter Bio to know the various aspects of it.

Your Twitter Bio

Brian Twitter

What does your Twitter Bio say about you? here is a lot you can do with your Twitter Bio that can create a good impression of your personality among people which will definitely help you grow your followers on Twitter. People will come to you if you showcase yourself with those 160 characters of your Bio.

Here is the list of things you must do today to make your Twitter bio attractive and productive.

  • Use industry keywords
  • Embrace the complete space
  • Tell people about your profession and hobby
  • Include the Twitter handle of your business
  • Add your success proof
  • Use a bit of humor

And unquestionably, experimenting with your Twitter Bio is very crucial to figure out how you bring people to your Twitter profile. You can even add your personal branding statement to it.

Share your Twitter Handle with people on other Social networks like Facebook and Instagram and simultaneously ask them to follow you.

2. Get Faster With Keyboard Shortcuts

Twitter Shortcuts

It’s good to be smart on Twitter but It’s better to be quick.
Twitter is a place where everything happens too quick. Your Tweets might get lost sooner than you expect. You can miss someone’s Tweets at the same pace.
Unlike Facebook and Instagram posts, Tweets need to come out from your profile more often to let your audience know that you are active.

In order to save time and grow your followers on Twitter, using Keyboard shortcuts will definitely give you quick path to travel.

And, these Twitter shortcuts are hiding right under your fingertips which allows you do all the major actions without even touching your trackpad.
Just press Shift + ? and you will see all the shortcuts as shown in the screenshot above.

Twitter Keyboard Shortcut Hacks

  • g then h – go to the home page
  • n – new tweet
  • l – like
  • r – reply
  • t – retweet
  • m – direct message
  • u – mute user
  • b – block user
  • enter – open tweet details
  • o – expand photo
  • | – close all open tweets
  • / – search
  • CMD + enter – send tweet
  • j – go to next tweet
  • k – go to the previous tweet
  • space – page down (browser default)
  • shift + space – page up (browser default)
  • . – load new tweets
  • g then n – notifications
  • g then r – mentions
  • g then p – profile
  • g then l – likes
  • g then i – lists
  • g then m – messages
  • g then s – settings
  • g then u – go to user

3. Use Social Media Management Tools

report walker

The Walker Sands State of Marketing Technology 2017 Report stated Social Media Marketing(SMM) tools as the most popular tech acquisition of 2017.
Using a Social Media Management tool can be one of the biggest Twitter hacks to grow your followers on Twitter. You don't have to stick to your laptop or phone all the time. You can automate many things with it.

Sharing valuable content becomes too easier with this, it’s too efficient to have a dedicated time in a day to schedule a chunk of Tweets than posting manually every single time. At the same time, having analytics for those Tweets right in front of your eyes can be productive.

Engaging with your audience, analyzing the statistics of your audience engagement, finding and connecting with right kind of people and more can be done from a single dashboard of a Social Media Management tool.

4. Connect With Big Profiles And Engage With Their Tweets

It’s completely fine as it is important to follow back Twitter profiles, replying to every mention you get, retweeting valuable content, pinning important Tweets, replying each and every DM from your inbox, acknowledging the source and alike.

But these actions alone will not get you to create super-efficient followers count on Twitter. Go and connect with Big profiles and engage with their Tweets because there are many other like-minded people interacting with those Tweets already, it gives you a chance to portray yourself to those folks.

Throw some meaningful answers to the questions asked by industry leaders and internet celebrities that fall under your target, it will definitely urge people to click that follow button on your profile.

5. Participate In Twitter Chats

A Twitter chat is a place where many Twitter users join and discuss on a particular topic by scheduling a pre-defined time. A host will post questions one by one in a uniform interval of time followed by a twitter hashtag and Twitter users engage with these questions with their answers and opinions.

By engaging in Twitter chats, you tend to connect with people, develop your ideas and knowledge and grow your followers on Twitter.

Most of the people think that Influencers are too busy to respond but the truth is, they are influencers because they respond to their audience. It is their goodwill which made them influencers.

When influential people share your content, you get to indulge in their followers on Twitter.

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Eager to know from you

Like many mainstream platforms, Twitter is designed to make things easy. The more you use Twitter, the more you get to know about it.

What else do you do to grow your followers on Twitter? I am eager to know from you in the comment section below.


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