Four Essentials For An Entrepreneur

With all the buzz going around ‘Entrepreneur Trend’, I’m sure each one of you have already read or heard about it somewhere or the other. There has been an age old debate if Entrepreneurs are born or made. Well, a part of it is always inborn and true to the fact, a lot of things can be inculcated. Looking at the great success stories in the field of entrepreneurship, we today discuss about the 4 essential skills that can be learnt and further developed to become an endearing entrepreneur


"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower"- Steve Jobs

One of the foremost skills required to be a successful entrepreneur is the skill to innovate. Until and unless you have the desire or I should say madness to bring about a change in the world and around, you can not really be successful.

Innovation involves optimal use of one's’ intellectual and physical resources. Also, it involves one’s ability to take risk and experiment with unusual things. Almost all great stories of entrepreneurial success have risk involvement where much more things are at stake than mere capital.

Tips To Innovate

Most of the startups rest on the idea innovation and creativity.This can be achieved with great level of exposure and a greater sense of understanding of the world and around. One must never fear failure but rather take it as a stepping stone to success. Also, learn to fight the fear of change. So, even if things are good, they can be even better provided you embrace change and you are ready to put your present state of achievement at stake. Also, set a clear purpose for yourself or the team before you set in for innovation of any kind. It is important to have a vision and a working plan so that the entire team can innovate on same lines.


“The secret to success in any human endeavor is total concentration” -Kurt Vonnegut

If you are truly dedicated to an idea or a project, you would give it everything you have. Concentration to the fullest is just one of the ingredients. Pitching in all your energies, time and effort in a single task at a single moment can get great results. This also leads to increased productivity and greater efficiency. Therefore, whenever you sit down to work, make sure you have your heart and soul into it. If not, give yourself a break because sitting at work desk won’t help unless you are willing to concentrate enough. Also, look hunt for your peak hours where your productivity is the highest. Few people refer to work at night while others might refer early morning.

Tips To Improve Concentration

Constant email or message notifications can break concentration. So, whenever you sit down to work, make sure you mute them. Also, avoid casual conversations between work.They can be distraction. Also, don’t push yourself too hard at work- give yourself a break once in a while. Tune in to some soft music or you can go out for a walk. Meditation is another effective way in building up concentration.


"Organising is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is all not all mixed up"- A.A Milne

Ideas, tasks, desks, projects, no matter what- if you haven’t spent time on organisation, you are pretty sure to falter before the finishing line. In fact, organisation is not a matter of activity but a habit which is reflected in your personality and outlook. Organising work schedules is one of the most valuable assets. Since, you cannot be everywhere at all times, it is always better to pre-plan and let others know about your availability. If you working in a team, it becomes even more crucial because your team might rely for some activities on your availability.

Tips To Organise

Organisation can work on 3 levels-

  1. Organisation of Time
  2. Organistation of Self
  3. Organisation of Work Schedule

Surprisingly, if you work on one, all three would fall into place.

On personal level, avoid clutter. Improper and disorganised places clutter not only the physical spaces but also one’s mind. Therefore, always keep you the area neat and tidy. At work, if you have a heavy week ahead, always plan and schedule before hand to avoid clashes and improper management. Regarding the workplace, always organise your paperwork and projects. For Time management at work, always fix a time as to how long a task would take. Once you set a target for yourself, you’d feel motivated to finish it in the same circle.


"Communication works for those who work at it"- John Powell

No matter how you leverage your business ideas, if you can not bring them on the discussion table or to the audience, it is largely of no use. Organisations cannot exist in isolation. There should be a regular flow of ideas, thoughts and information. As assumed by masses, communication isn’t simply about verbal delivery, it includes your writing as well as your listening skills. Non-verbal cues too are a very important part of communication. In fact, beyond ideation, a lot of success relies on the element of communication- within and outside the team. Hence, it is important to be an active communicator, and to have a transparent and well-built structure of communication.

Tips To Improve Communication

Within the organisation, enhance direct communication where you directly communicate with the team members rather through a middleman. Also, avoid verbal cues, they can never be traced back. All the company policies, tasks should be available in the written so that one can come back to it whenever the need be. Communicate to persuade. That’s the secret to a successful entrepreneur. Until and unless you are convinced with your ideas, nobody else would be.

For the audience, communicate regularly through different channels. You can also drop in a personal mail to few of them every weekend or a fortnight to develop strong relations.

And, as an Entrepreneur, Say 'Yes' to whatever comes your way.. Challenges are just going make you stronger and better with the each passing day.. Share you experiences with us. We'd happy to hear from you.


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