10 Experts Tips On Dealing with The Latest Twitter Policy Update

Many of you already know that Twitter has recently enforced its new policy to crack down on spam and make the platform safe for real conversations. However, if you are still unaware of latest twitter policy change, then you must go through this article.

But, before proceeding any further let's find out What is Twitter's new policy all about?

According to Twitter:

Do not (and do not allow your users to) simultaneously post identical or substantially similar content to multiple accounts. For example, your service should not permit a user to select several accounts they control from which to publish a given Tweet.

Do not (and do not allow your users to) simultaneously perform actions such as Likes, Retweets, or follows from multiple accounts. For example, your service should not permit a user to select several accounts they control to follow a specified account.

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Why Twitter has Decided to enforce this new policy?

First of all, let’s understand that why Twitter has decided to change its policy. In our opinion, Twitter has decided to introduce this new policy because of the following reasons.

a) Spam and Fake Accounts
b) Excessive use of Automation to Schedule Identical Content

Spam and Fake Account: There are millions of fake accounts and bots available on Twitter. And they dominate the platform which is not an ideal situation. Due to a large number of fake accounts available on Twitter, it is hard to predict whether your voice is getting the right amount of reach or not. These fake accounts play a major role in manipulating popular trends on Twitter. It is one of the primary reason why Twitter introduced this new policy.

b) Excessive use of Automation to Schedule the Identical Content: Rescheduling the same or duplicate content repeatedly on Twitter is another major reason why Twitter has come up with policy updation.

The above situation entirely contradicts the Twitter mission statement is to give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly, without barriers*.

Therefore, to keep its mission intact, Twitter has enforced this new policy.

However, this policy will also impose several restrictions on valid users especially on Social media marketers who often manage more than one verified Twitter accounts. The latest policy will force them to revise their Twitter marketing strategy. Now, they won’t expect to gain results from their Twitter campaign sharing the same content. They have to put their mind and energy behind every tweet they share on Twitter.

Therefore, marketers who rely heavily on Twitter to promote their content are in dilemma that what they should do( other than panic)? To effectively utilize this platform.

In the last few days, we have received a plethora of questions from social media marketers asking us about the best way to use Twitter after this update. Everyone is curious to know more about the latest Twitter policy change and how it is going to impact them in future.

Thus, we approached 10 Social media marketing experts to tell us What are the best tips & strategies to deal with Latest Twitter Policy Change?.

Here’s what the experts think you should do.

1. Ian Cleary- Razor Social Blog

"Recycle your Tweets on a Monthly Basis"


The best strategy for dealing with the latest Twitter policy is creating a selection of tweets for every article you promote and only recycle those tweets on a monthly basis.

Avoid repeat sharing the same content in the first month. In the second month, I think it's ok to recycle your tweets again. There's no way that Twitter is analyzing every tweet that everyone sends to see if it was ever shared. It's likely there are only checking a couple of days of tweets so if you wait a month before resharing you'll be ok.

For example, if you create a blog post and want to ensure more people see your content then create a variety of images and tweets to share over the first few weeks.

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2. Lilach Bullock- Lilach Bullock Blog

"Avoid Bulk Tweeting the Same Message From Multiple Accounts"


Twitter may have banned bulk tweeting, but that doesn't necessarily mean you'll need to completely revise your schedule if you only have one Twitter account.

However, if you have more than one account and tend to tweet the same updates, it's best to revise that strategy because that's what Twitter is trying to combat: bulk tweeting the same messages from multiple accounts.

Even if you're promoting the same message or link, make it a completely different update when posting to a second account, as their algorithm can easily catch almost-identical updates where only a few words are changed. Plus, look at it as an opportunity to A/B test multiple updates: this way, you can see which types of updates get your audience to act

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3. Lisa Sicard- Inspire to Thrive

"Keep your tweets varied & use Scheduling tools"


They must vary from each of the users. If you don’t, Twitter may suspend your account and the suspension could now be permanent. You may remember the post about Twitter suspensions here. You could mix your tweets up is using the Buffer app. This one has been my longtime favorite social network sharing tool.

Embedded tweets on your blog is another way to give your tweets more life. It can extend the tweet and readers can like and share the tweet right from your blog post.

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4. Zac Johnson- Zac Johnson Blog

"Adapt to the new rules and find even better results"


The recent crackdown and policy changes by Twitter shook up the industry. Not just the accounts using automation and scheduled tweets, but all of the tools powering them as well.

The big change now is to adapt and make sure you step up your game with better social media content. At the same time, with such changes in place, it also means there is a lot less clutter out there. Take advantage of these changes, adapt to the new rules and find even better results with your social media marketing efforts on Twitter.

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5. Shane Barker- Shane Barker Blog

"Brands should tweak their Twitter marketing strategy"


With the new Twitter guidelines, brands have to be careful and act smart when using Twitter for their marketing campaigns. These new guidelines may appear to be a point of concern for brands with multiple Twitter handles. It is required brands to tweak their Twitter marketing strategy as per the new guidelines.

I believe personalization of the content is the key to tackle these changes. I advise brands to switch to a model where they can tweet their marketing content from a primary account. Then they can tweak and modify the content and publish it across multiple accounts, rather than just copy-pasting it. This can help brands effectively adhere to the new Twitter policy.

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6. Ron Sela- Ron Sela Blog

"Share High-quality content, Build Relationship, Engage with your Audience"


Share high-quality content that resonates with your audience - Great content is one thing, but it’s wasted if delivered in the wrong form. In 2018, video content is king. Tweets with video get much higher engagement. After that, images and quotes are more potent than simple text.

Share consistently but don’t overdo it - Instead of aggressively posting throughout the day, look to harness the potential of the above content types to deliver value. This ensures a steady stream of high-quality content, rather than a flood of average posts.

Build relationships with influencers - By sharing valuable content from influencers and trusted sources, it will help establish your reputation as a thought leader.

Engage in Twitter conversations - Automating your posts and replies is not the way to go in 2018. Instead, you must genuinely interact with your followers. Look to spark discussion, debate, and interaction, stirring up interest in your brand.

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7. Brad Friedman- The Friedman Group

"Engage with your audience on Twitter"


Personally, I am in favor of the new Twitter policy that prevents users from sending the same tweet from multiple accounts. The ability to do this in the past resulted in an incredible amount of spam from individuals and the increased used of bots. This is not what Twitter, or social media in general, is meant for.

Social media is meant for engagement (human-to-human). Sending a set message or response from a bot is not in the spirit in with social media was created. So, if you want to send the same information or link from 2 different accounts, do it. Just do it like it was always meant to be done and have a human being change the text in the second tweet. This could make the platform better and enable you to build a real and engaged community.

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8. John Martin- Boostyouraudience.com

"Don't Tweet the Same Message from Multiple Accounts"


People often posted the same tweet simultaneously on 3-4 Twitter accounts. But now you should tweet from only one account. But you can retweet the message from the other accounts. More work, yes, but doable. Google "IFTTT retweet recipe" for automating this.

Recycling tweets was a significant time saver. Major media and brands have always posted the same tweet a week or month later. No more. Against the rules.

Scheduling tool makers are scrambling to make it easier to allow you to upload multiple versions of the same tweet at once. Most don't have a good answer yet. Years ago, people used semi-automatic article "spinning" tools to boost SEO. Not good for SEO but they might work now for creating unique tweets. And I'm hoping scheduling tools improve the way you can upload tweets/images from a spreadsheet. Autofill and save time.

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9. Jaspal Singh- SaveDelete

"The value of every tweet will rise"


In a way, this new policy will bring more efficient and good quality tweets ahead, and it will cut the noise that people create while doing the same thing repeatedly. I think this policy update will surely be liked by the genuine audience and it will give a Twitter boost in the upcoming time.

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10. Anh Nguyen- Bloggingthing Blog

"Use Retweet to Share the Same Message"


My tip on Twitter’s latest policy change is the same as Twitter themselves; to make use of the retweet button. Of course, this change still makes the tweeting process that much more time-consuming. That said, it’s not something we can’t work around with.

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We hope that you will find the following listed articles of use to you.


There is no doubt that Twitter latest policy will clean the platform and provide a better user experience. However, this policy will also impose several restrictions on valid users who manage more than one verified Twitter accounts. The latest policy will force brands\businesses to revise their Twitter marketing strategy. Now, they won't expect to gain results from their Twitter campaign sharing the same content repeatedly. They have to put their mind and energy behind every tweet they share on Twitter.

In the long run, these restrictions make a sense because it would encourage people to share fresh & valuable content on this platform.


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