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A complete guide to build your personal brand
Today, almost every individual is looking to have better visibility online. Many people are focusing on Personal Branding but still many others aren’t aware of it. If you want to move ahead and grasp the best opportunities out there, you have no option but to hold a blue umbrella while others are busy holding the white ones. Your personal brand is the whole of what you do, how you do and why you do. It’s your responsibility to craft your work experience and deliver value in a way that makes you unique. It's important to stay patient as it’s not a one-week process. Personal Branding needs complete dedication, hard work and time to get the right kind of results. In order to help you grow, I have compiled all the aspects of personal branding in this blog. Pursue this guide and improve your personal branding techniques. It’s necessary!
8 Proven Steps To Become An Influencer!
Today, every business and individual is striving to become an influencer. It’s a necessity. Researches and Surveys are already proving the power of Influencers. Becoming an influencer doesn’t only mean having a million followers on a Social Network but to have a connection with every one of them. You absolutely have to network with EVERYONE. Because when you connect with everyone, they will talk to others about you.
How to Become an Instagram Influencer
Instagram’s prime focus has always been building connections and communities. It has always tried to serve itself as a platform for aspirants to become Influencers. A lot of people have cashed in on this ability of Instagram and have garnered credibility on it. But recently, there has been an observed shift in the approach of people becoming an Instagram Influencer.
Instagram Insights
Instagram has emerged not just to be the ‘one of’ but the leading image sharing social platform in the world with 200 million daily active users and 700 million monthly active users. Considering that it started out as a regular check-in app, Burbn, this pivoting decision was one that surely worked out for them.
Choosing The Right Pricing Strategy For Your SaaS Startup
Pricing strategies have always been a hot debate. When it comes to converting consumers, the secret to SaaS sales is learning what your buyer wants to pay for and understanding consumer behavior. Emotions and psychological triggers influence purchasing behavior. If one understands these subtleties in the human mind, businesses can find creative ways to ethically motivate more buyers towards saying “Yes!” to their products and services.
Prioritizing Customer Support
Every Support team often hits a point where the volume of support tickets or emails grow large enough to increase stress levels and then the ability to carry out responsibilities suffers. It then becomes very difficult and important to decide, how to tackle all load and which ones to tackle first. All along the process of closing the support tickets, it’s equally important to identify the right leads so that the sales teams can start their part of the role as soon as possible.
Metrics Your SaaS Business Should Be Tracking
SaaS companies need to pay ultra-close attention to metrics that show their ability to attract customers at a reasonable acquisition cost, generate recurring revenue and retain customers. The three key categories for metrics can be defined as - Marketing, Sales and Customer Success.

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