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Apr 21, 2017 | @chiax
Churn rate is easily one of the most essential metrics when measuring the performance of SaaS businesses such as Statusbrew. Success depends on not just getting customers, but on keeping them over time as a lot of time and money is spent on acquiring new customers. Since this investment pays off over time, the goal should be to have customers stick around for as long as possible. If your churn rate stays low, then there is one less thing to worry about in a SaaS model.
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Every business is about helping people and making profits. All businesses relate that to being productive but on Social Media the meaning of productivity changes when you move to different Social Networks. With changing times and users, businesses and their strategies also have to adapt not just to keep up with the expectations but also be leaders and trendsetters.

Social Media Marketing is one way your business can aim to become an influencer. This is because marketing on Social Media is fast and because it will never go out of fashion. In simple words, Social Media Marketing is the use of one or more Social Networks to promote a product or a service. It requires careful planning and even more cautious execution. One thing that most businesses fail to understand is that it does not follow the one size fits all approach. Every Social Media channel follows a different dynamic.

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Social media has changed the way people use internet. It has redefined how marketers market, how businesses do business and how people live their social lives. It gave birth to a whole new niche of market with unlimited opportunities. It has made having a presence on social media important, be it a brand or an individual. With their customers on social media, every brand has a need and necessity to encounter their problems on social media. This has given rise to Social Care
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To fulfill any goal you need to have a clear path, whether it’s a happy life or a successful business. You need to be sure about what you are going to do and how you are going to do that. 

The important question here is 'What should drive you to your goal?'

The general answer to that is motivation BUT motivation is not what will take you to success.

"It just makes you feel like you want to be successful"

Contrary to popular belief, motivation is not the answer.

Discipline is what will help you in the long run. It is about believing in the core value that what you want to achieve is important to you. This is the fuel that will keep you going and drive your commitment towards your goal. 

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In the absence of big budgets and experienced marketing teams certain startups cracked the mystery of how to get people to use their service/product at that time. How did they do it? Growth Hacking! Rethinking marketing from the ground up, is what it can be called. It’s a term that came into being 7 years ago and since then these two words have made us rethink our whole approach to marketing because it is not marketing, well not purely.
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The essence of social media is knowing your audiences and engaging them in something they like or love. "Do you remember when did you last review your social media posts? It has been really long. Is it?" So even if delayed, now is the time you could do that and it is necessary if you wish for the smooth survival and evolvement of your business. Today I would like to share about my social media habits that I follow to the core.
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