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Feature Focus: Instagram Insights for Mobile

Instagram has emerged not just to be the ‘one of’ but the leading image sharing social platform in the world with 200 million daily active users and 700 million monthly active users. Considering that it started out as a regular check-in app, Burbn, this pivoting decision was one that surely worked out for them.
What’s interesting, or rather curious is how did Instagram know what and when to pivot to? In the early days of the app, the founders, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, while analyzing the user behaviors noticed that majority of them were using their application only for posting photos and commenting on someone else’s photos. They knew that they had to change certain things in the app. This is when Instagram came into existence. It was primarily made possible because of the analysis of user behavior.

One of the key factors for growth has always been analysis.
The revision of Instagram’s Platform Policy in December, 2016 came as a big hit to many third party applications, including Statusbrew, as we relied on providing a certain set of features to our users that were most used by them.
After a lot of brainstorming, we decided to include and provide analytics in our features for Instagram. We intend it to be a solution for solo entrepreneurs, bloggers and Social Media Marketers to see how their efforts are translating to business value
We were continually being asked ‘why the current set of features are for the premium users?’ To speak true, crunching those analytics takes up a lot of our server resources which made us keep only our Publishing solutions available for our basic users.
After days of research, programming and conjuring up of ideas, we released a set of Instagram analytics for our Android and iOS users which will include the following features:


To get a gist of how your audience is behaving and how your media is performing, you can go to the Overview section.

Instagram Insights Overview

In your mobile app, when you tap on Insights, you will be directed to the Overview screen by default. This section, further contains sub-sections, which when selected will take you to the other 2 sections, Engagement and Community, which are discussed further. These are the following graphs shown in the Overview Section:

New Unfollowers

Get a graphical representation of the number of people that unfollowed you. You can see the trends in the number of people that unfollow you and use this information to reduce that trend.

New Followers

Everyone loves more followers. See how many new people follow you everyday and make use of this statistic to increase this number.

Followers Growth

It's always good to check if your efforts are getting you more followers. With the You will be able to see the trends in your community growth. 


See your media posting frequency and how people like and interact with it.

Likes and Comments

Engagement on media is what everyone wants. With the likes and comments graphs, witness how people react with the media that you post.

Total Media Posted

It will give you a list of all the media that you have posted on Instagram along with engagement on these media so that you can look at the history of all the media that you posted and form a timeline.


Get an in-depth view of your media posting habits and see how your the media that you post translates into Likes, Views and Comments in the Engagement section.

To go to the Engagement Screen:
- For Android: Just tap on the 3 line menu option in the top right corner of the screen in the Insights menu and select Engagement.
- For iOS: Tap on Criteria in the bottom right corner of your screen and then select Engagement

Under engagement, following are the graphs that will be shown; you can tap on any of these graphs and see the relevant details for 7 days, 30 days and 1 year.

Avg. Likes and comments

Instagram Insights Engagement Average Likes and Comments

You will be able to see the average number of likes and comments on your posted media.

Top Liked and Commented

Instagram Insights Engagement Top Liked and Commented

In this sub-section you will be able to see the media that fetched you the maximum likes and comments. You can use this to see which kind of media people tend to like more and have a more probability to react with.

Media Distribution

Instagram Insights Engagement Media Distribution

Know your posting frequency and the type of media posted. You will get an idea about which media you post more frequently and how it is impacting your engagement.

Media Interactions

Instagram Insights Engagement Media Interactions

Take a look at how your community interacted with your posted media over a previously specified period. You will be able to see on which days which type of media performed better. Seeing this you will be able form a better posting frequency for different media.

Media Interaction Details

Instagram Insights Engagement Media Interaction Details

With Media Interaction Details get minute details about the number of likes and comments on your photos and videos everyday. 

Daily Media Engagement

Instagram Insights Engagement Daily Media Engagement

Keep a check on how active your community members are by seeing how they react with your media daily. 

Photo and Video Filter Engagement

Instagram Insights Engagement Photo Filter Engagement

Filters make everything more beautiful, analyze which ones make your posts alluring. You can check which filters your audience like and then increase the frequency of use of that same filter.


With the community section, you can see the follow and unfollow trends in your community and compare them. We went on to be a little more creative and to show you the same trends in alignment with your posting frequencies. You can see how your community reacts to a certain type of media and make the best out of these analytics to grow your community.

To go to the Community Screen:
- For Android: Just tap on the 3 line menu option in the top right corner of the screen in the Insights menu and select Community
- For iOS: Tap on Criteria in the bottom right corner of your screen and then select Community

Under Community, following are the graphs that will be shown; you can tap on any of these graphs and see the relevant details for 7 days, 30 days and 1 year.

New Unfollowers

Instagram Insights Community New Unfollowers

In this graph, you will be able to see the number of new unfollowers at each day. You can use this information to understand the unfollow trends according to the days of the week and work to resolve any reasons that might be causing this.

New Followers

Instagram Insights Community New Followers

You will have the ability to see the number of new followers that you gain each day and you can even see them month over month. With this you can improve your community growth strategy.

Followers Growth

Instagram Insights Community Followers Growth

Keep a track on the growth patterns of your Instagram community day by day. 

Gained/Lost Followers

Instagram Insights Community Gained Lost Followers

Compare the number of followers and unfollowers that you have every day. Understand the trends in your community's inclination and make your Instagram strategy according to that.

Gained/Lost Followers with Media

Instagram Insights Community Gained Lost Followers

You can now see which posted media gave you more followers and which made people to unfollow with the data being presented for every day.
Understanding analytics is subtle but it is useful for the ones who want to make use of it. It’s said that ‘a car is as good as the driver who drives it’, so if you are a travel blogger, solo entrepreneur or an Instagram marketer, sign up and try our 7 day trial for Instagram analytics and see for yourself how you can increase the value of your business using our analytics.